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First obs (f)


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This is my first obs here. Woman walking just behind me sneezed a powerful one that sounded like 'HARRRSHUU'. I slowed down to let her overtake me to see who it was. She looked to be in her late 20s, had a pointy nose. She had hardly taken a few more steps when she slowed down and sneezed a loud 'HUESHHUU' again and this time it made her bend over and take a few steps forward in the bent position, which I assume happened because she didnt stop fully while she sneezed. Well, it was nothing spectacular, but I did like the fact that her sneeze was powerful enough to push her forward. One of those things that make the sneezer and the sneeze more enigmatic. And ofcourse it provided me an obs that I could put up here!

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Welcome to the forum nomadsteve :) Sneezes that bend the sneezer at the waist with their power are always something to post about here... ;)

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I slowed down to let her overtake me to see who it was.

Ahh, the ol' "let the sneezer come to you" technique! A classic move from the sneeze voyeurism textbooks. bag.gif Not suitable for the impatient, but it keeps suspicion levels comfortably low. Nicely done, and keep up the good work, soldier!


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