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One Cold Night... SVU Fanfic (M)


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I have been muling this around in my mind for the longest time and, finally decided to just go ahead and, post it here. I don't own Law and Order SVU nor do I claim too just a huge fan of it.

And, figured to give a shot at another story.... Since well i can't sleep due to this lingering head so..

Olivia had been awake for almost 36 hours with only coffee to keep her from tobbling over it was another cold Manhattan night as was most nights in late November she looked around the office and sighed "Why the heck a I still here?..." just than her partner came in carrying coffee and some food and sat down across from her smiling as he always does "Oh Hi Liv..." she smiled "Well, about time you come back." he laughed "I was only gone 20 minutes Benson." she smiled "I realize that." Stabler smiled again and handed her the coffee and food "Here you go." she took a sip of coffee and smiled "Thanks El." he sat down and began looking over paperwork from the case they had been working on " You're welcome." he said without looking up. They sat in silence for what seemed like and eternity a sneeze broke the deafening silence "Ahh..heh..utchoo." Elliot sneezed Olivia jumped at first had heard him sneeze many times she wasn't to keen on blessing him even thought she had before but, she figured she would ignore it her mind was too foggy and tired to say anything than he.sneezed again "Ahh..heh..itchoo." she looked over at him "Bless you." she finally said he smiled a little "Th.." he was just about to thank hr when "Ahh..itchoo." a third sneeze caught him off guard "Thanks." he managed to say. "You okay?" Liv asked (Tell me if I should continue?..)

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Lovin it! And I love this show! But, can you please watch grammar and punctiuation? It gets hard to read.

Sorry I wrote it at 6 am in the morning and, totally forgot to check for it /;
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OK I'm like 5 years too late on this but I am so into SVU right now! I would love to see more of this and more Stabler stories inĀ general because he is just so yummy!! Olivia stories would be great too!!

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