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Cinderella was having such a great dance with the handsome prince. This was the happiest day of her life and she felt like she was dreaming. All of the sudden her sensitive nose started tickling a lot. She did not want to ruin this night by grossing out the Prince with some of her loud, high pitched sneezes. Her small, goregous nose was sniffing quietly and her nostrils were flaring. She rubbed her nose but the tickle was very stubborn. Her crystal blue eyes started fluttering and she started a quiet building as she didn't want the prince to realize she needed to sneeze. "hehhhhhhhhh.......huh.....huhhh..."

"Are you okay?" The prince asked.

"Oh yeah I'm fine." Cinderella smiled.

However the tickle in her nose was not really fine. The next 30 minutes she was not even focused on the prince while they were dancing, she was almost 100% focused on not sneezing. Finally tickle started to diminish a bit.

"Hey wait here a second, I have a surprise for you." The prince said. He came back with a beautiful boquet of roses.

"Oh wow they're beautiful!" Cinderella exclaimed.

"They smell lovely, take a sniff yourself." Instructed the prince.

Completley forgetting that this might stir up the sneeze again, she took a big sniff of the roses. After the sniff, she immediatly realized that this was a mistake. She felt the urge to sneeze so she turned her head the other way. However, it was not coming.

"Is everything okay?" The prince asked.

"Yeah I thought I had to sneehhh- ehh- ISSCCCHHHHEWWWWW! AT-SHEEEWWWWWW! HIHSSHHEEEWWWWW!" The sneezes snuck up on her so quickly that she sneezed all of them uncovered, right on the prince. "Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry!" Cinderella exclaimed worriedly.

"No need to worry, those were the most beautiful sneezes ever!" Exclaimed the prince.

"Aw thank you!" Responded Cinderella.

They danced for another hour and the clock struck midnight. Cinderella quickly ran out of the ball and started home. The prince was devastated and wanted to know who she was. He decided he was going to marry whoever this unknown person was. Finally, the prince came up with a way that he could find out who she was. The prince would go to every house in the kingdon and listen to every girls' sneeze by tickling their noses with a feather.

The prince was getting very impatient now. He had gone to almost every house in the kingdom but had not yet heard a sneeze like Cinderella's yet. There were only 3 houses now in the kingdom that he hadn't visited yet that had girls that attended the ball. At the first house there was a blond girl at the door and he had a good feeling that it might have been her. However her sneezes were not even close to Cinderella's which brought dissappointment to the prince. They were half-stifled sneezes that were not as loud or as high-pitched as Cinderella's adorable sneezes. "heh-NGGXTchooooo, NGGXTTTchhooooo!" At the next house he had another glimmer of hope as there were 8 girls that had all attended the ball. Surely, the prince thought, that one of these 8 girls had to have been the one he danced with. However, he was dissapointed yet again. All 8 girls had quick rapid fire sneezes unlike Cinderella's nice long, drawn out sneezes. They sounded like, "CHIIEWWW! CHEWW! CHEEWWW!" Finally, the prince was at the last house, and his last hope to find the girl whom he would marry. There at that house the door was answered by Cinderella's two step-sisters. First the prince induced the older one with the feather. The sneezes were not even close. "heh-CHUHHHH!!! ahhh-CHUUHHHH!!!" Next he tried the younger sister. This was a bit closer, but still no where near Cinderella's sneezes. "EHCHEWWWW! CHEWWWW!"

The prince then said, "Unfortunatly, neither of your sneezes were like her's. Is there any other girls around your age that is in your house."

The younger one replied, "Well I guess there is Cinderella."

"Well please bring her here." The prince asked.

Cinderella came to the front door. She saw the handsome prince again and this brought a smile to her face. The prince was pretty sure he had finally found her but he had to be sure. The prince started inducing Cinderella and within 5 seconds Cinderella's sensitive nose started sneezing. "hehhhhh-ehhh ISSCCCHHHHEWWWWW! AT-SHEEEWWWWWW! HIHSSHHEEEWWWWW!"

"Your the one!" The prince exclaimed! "Will you marry me?"

"Yes, Yes I will!" Replied the excited Cinderella.

The two of them rode of in the sunset and lived happily ever after.

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