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Well, I have more observations since when don't I lol today was rainy and dreary the kind of weather where you just want to cuddle up next to someone. I was at the library (live there at times) well, I wasn't hoping for any sneezes (haha i was actually) a middle-aged man maybe late 30s or early 40s not sure he was sniffling alot and, rubbing his runny drippy nose he either had allergies or a cold but I kept my eye on him he got that sneezy exp<b></b>ression and he turned away "Ahh..etchoo." "Ahhh..etchoo." "Ahhh..ethcoo." he sneezed three timess he rubbed his nose and went back to reading the paper. How darn lucky am I than the librarian's assistant mentioned her allergies were bothering her she looked miserable her brown hair pulled back into a messy bun and her eyes all red and, puffy she turned away and sneezed "Itchh..chew." she was about to sneeze again but, stopped the lady next to her blessed her and asked if she was alright. She sniffled and sneezed again and sighed "Damn, allergies are gonna be the death of me." Last ob was while heading to church a young mother was heading inside her house when she sneezed uncovered "Ahh..shewchoo." her husband blessed hernas they headed inside with their newborn child

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