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Hey guys :)

So this has just been going round my head begging to be written so here you go! It is set sometime in the third book by the way. Also there will probably be few if any scenes that really feature Harry because he really really irritates me as a character (I know, shock, horror, my best friend disowned me too so I understand but it's true!) so it will mostly be Oliver, and some original characters as well as the rest of the team :) Let me know what you think and if I should continue!


Part 1

“He can’t keep us practicing in this,” Angelina grumbled to Fred and George as the three made their way through the driving rain to the Quidditch pitch.

“Yeah, we can’t practice properly when we can’t see two feet in front of us and are frozen to our brooms!” Fred agreed.

“Hope it stops by Sunday, it’ll be awful playing in this.” George added, thinking about the upcoming practice match between Gryffindor and Slytherin. They were determined to beat the Slytherin team, no matter what.

The rain had been consistent all week, pounding through every day and through the nightly practices that Oliver was insisting on, soaking the team in minutes and leaving them all shivering and eager for the dry and warmth of their common room. Despite the cold and rain their captain had been as competitive as ever, insisting on daily practices although the game was not worth any points and did not contribute to the team rankings; it was just a practice match between the teams but both were taking it as seriously as if it were the deciding match of the year.

As the three approached the changing rooms they heard voices, raised above the pounding rain.

“Oliver! Just go get some! Oh come on, you made me go on Monday, Katie yesterday and the others over the last couple of weeks. It’s no big deal; most of the school’s been to see Madam Pomfrey since this started!”

“Alicia, this is the last time I’ll tell you. I’m not sick. If I was then I would have done as I have asked the rest of you to and seen Madam Pomfrey. Yes I know that the whole team, hell pretty much the whole school, has had it and I haven’t but that does not automatically mean that I am sick.”

Over the past several weeks a nasty, magic resistant flu bug had been sweeping through the school. Although potions did cure the illness they took two or three days on average (although in some cases this had extended to nearly a week) to fully work because of the resistance that this particular flu seemed to have developed to magical remedies. Most of the school, by this point, was either ill, recovering or had had the flu.

“Oh no…” groaned Fred and George together, remembering the last time Oliver Wood had been sick. Neither of them had been on the team back then but they had followed the players and the team’s performance as obsessively as most of the students, getting more information than most as their older brother, Charlie, had been the captain at the time. There had been a bad flu going round the school, similar to recently, and the whole team had gotten sick at some point before the game. Charlie had reacted much as Oliver had this time; watching his team and shepherding them down to the hospital wing at the first sigh of illness so that they would all be in full health for the upcoming game. Oliver, however, had somehow managed to avoid his captain dragging him to the hospital wing and as a result had ended up playing a six hour game in the rain with the flu and promptly passing out as soon as the match was over. He had ended up in the hospital wing for two weeks to recover afterwards. Of course, he saw no problem with refusing to go to the hospital wing earlier or hiding his illness because the team had won, something that would have been impossible had the Gryffindor keeper been kept out of the game.

Angelina frowned and pushed open the changing room door. Alicia and Oliver were the only two who had arrived early for the practice and were standing in the middle of the room, both looking equally annoyed with the other. Oliver looked towards the door as Angelina, Fred and George entered the changing room. With the addition of the three fifth years they were only waiting for Harry to arrive. Katie was still in the hospital wing, where Oliver had taken her the previous day. By this point Oliver was the only one of the team who had not caught the bug, although none of them were sure how much longer that would last.

“Hey, what’s up?” Asked Angelina; wanting to ease some of the tension between the two.

“He’s sick and won’t go to the hospital wing.” Alicia reported, frowning at their stubborn captain.

“I’m not sick. If I was sick then I would go see Pomfrey. But, as I am not, I don’t need to.” Oliver broke in hastily.

Angelina looked carefully at their captain, taking in his slightly flushed cheeks and nose which stood out against his otherwise pale face and his eyes which were rimmed with red and had dark shadows under them. Yes, he did definitely looked sick and his voice sounded slightly stuffy. Before she could say anything though, the door flew open and Harry ran in, dripping wet and looking at his watch. He smiled when he saw that he wasn't late and that the others had obviously not started yet. Oliver took the interruption as a chance to change the subject.

“So, now that we’re all here, shall we start?” He asked, not waiting for any of the others to reply. “It’s pretty likely that we’re gonna be playing in conditions similar to thi- heh-hitchhh this.” He stifled the sneeze against his wrist, earning frowns from both the girls, and carried on as though nothing had happened. “So I know that you guys don’t like practicing in the rain, and it’s not ideal but this is most likely what the game will be like so it’s better to get some practice in it. Because visibility’s bad don’t try anything too new, we beat Slytherin last time we played them and we can beat them again if we stick to what we know and play to the conditions. When we get out there, we’ll start with some passes to get used to looking through the rain and then let the snitch and bludgers go. Any questions?” He stopped, waiting expectantly for the team’s confirmation that they understood the instructions. Most of the team mutely nodded, picking up their brooms and resigning themselves to the cold, wet practice.

“Oliver, you’re sick. You shouldn't be out in this.” Angelina objected.

“I’m not sick. Now will you please stop making a big deal over nothing so we can get some use out of our practice time,” he snapped back at her, grabbing his broom and striding across the room to the door. Pushing it open he turned back to face the team who were staring at him with expressions ranging from Angelina’s irritation to Harry’s confusion. “Well? Come on then,” he said shortly, walking out into the rain toward the equipment shed to collect the balls.

“He is such an idiot!” Alicia growled, as soon as their captain was out of earshot.

“Why? What happened?” Asked Harry, confused at the tension that he had sensed in the team when he had arrived at practice.

“Oliver’s sick and won’t go to the hospital wing.” Fred explained.

“And Alicia and Angelina are annoyed because he won’t admit it,” added George.

“He’s gonna work himself until he’s too sick to play on Sunday if he doesn't go see Pomfrey. Then we’ll be without a keeper and a captain for the game and Slytherin will win!” Alicia shot back at him quickly. Harry watched this exchange with a frown. It would be awful to lose to Slytherin because their captain was too sick to play, but he couldn't see any way to make the stubborn seventh year do anything that he was determined not to.


Okay so there you go, part 1 finished! Let me know if you want me to continue this or leave it and find something else to do!

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*is giggling hysterically*

So cute! I mean, I love Harry, but I can kinda see where you're coming from so I'm not going to beat you to a bloody pulp with my bashing words. :lol: And I love Oliver too so we can just concentrate on that! :heart: Speaking of Olly, OMG DENIAL AND QUIDDITCH AND ADORABLE STUBBORNESS!!! Yes please continue.

bye. :wub:

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I love this! It's cool that you're writing a fic about them as a team, because I don't think there are enough like that and I love the whole team dynamic thing. Oh, and denial. Denial is my favorite. So yeah, I like.

Please continue soon! ;)

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Haven't ever been interested in Oliver before but this....heheheheheh you totally just combined all my fetishes into one story, plus Quidditch in the rain! (I'm not sure if my school Quidditch team is lucky that they don't practice in the rain or "wasting precious training time" haha) I can't wait for moooore!

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Oh my god..



*giggling uncontrollably*

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Don't Stop!!!!!

Oliver Wood is the best chracter!!!!! You have no idea how long I have been yearning for a Wood fic! Amazing!!!!

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hey, i've nearly finished the next part - just doing some final editing and proofreading - but do you guys prefer to have it obvious when a character talks that their nose is blocked (so that when talking saying something like... umm... "This is annoying," would sound like "This is addoyig")? Do you prefer that or for it to be said properly without the.. I don't know what its called... stuffyness I guess? I have it like that at the moment but am not sure if everyone else likes that too...

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hey guys sorry it's taken so long to update! I've been so busy though. Has anyone else ever had a councilor give them freaking homework! It's so stupid! Its not like taking time away from doing other things is gonna help at all. Okay sorry, now that I've had my mini frustration rage, here is the next part. The next one after this should hopefully be up soon smile.png Please let me know what you think so far!

Part 2

An hour and a half later Oliver caught the quaffle, once again having it nearly slip from his freezing fingers; a combined result of the driving rain and the freezing cold. He held the ball and flew over to where Angelina and Alicia were waiting for him to pass it back, waving his arms for Fred, George and Harry to come in. His head was pounding, his throat felt as though it had been sandpapered and he couldn’t breathe through his nose. If he was feeling this bad the rest of the team had to be fairly uncomfortable in the rain which, if anything, was getting harder. It was time to call it a night and bring them all in to talk over the practice. He sniffed loudly, while he was still far enough away from the girls for the noise to be drowned out by the rain, to try to clear his nose enough to speak properly.

“Chadgig roobs.” Oliver called hoarsely, pointing to the rooms and silently cursing how stuffed up his voice still sounded despite his efforts to clear it. None of the team seemed to notice though, the one small mercy of the rain; it was too loud to be able to hear clearly. They all seemed to understand though, quickly turning and flying towards the dry (if not particularly warm) rooms.

Once inside he was able to look around his team. They were all soaking wet and shivering and looked miserable. Although the changing room was warmer than outside it was still cold and uncomfortable for them all, not to mention greatly increasing the risk of them falling ill again.

“He-kxnt, he’ptchh!” He tried, and failed, to stifle the sneezes against his wrist, in the process managing to attract the attention of his team.

“Oliver…” sighed Alicia, looking worriedly at him. His eyes were rimmed with red and had dark purple, nearly black, circles under them. His face was ash pale apart from his nose, which was bright red, and cheeks, which were flushed pink. He sniffled and wiped his wrist under his nose to stop it running.

Ignoring the concerned glances that his team were shooting him, Oliver decided that it would be irresponsible of him to insist that the team stayed in the cold while they were all soaking wet and there was somewhere warmer they could be.

“Okay guys, go get chadged ad - Hu’tchhhh - warb ad dry off. We’ll fidish talkig id the cobbod roob id half ad hour.” He winced as talking scraped at his raw throat and at the stuffy sound of his own voice. It was hoarse and so congested that most of the words sounded wrong. He could see the effect that it had on the team immediately. Fred and George looked almost amused at the sound, Harry looked slightly confused and Angelina and Alicia wore matching expressions of mixed concern and annoyance. Doing his best to ignore his team he turned to leave the room, quickly followed by the others.


Ten minutes later they entered the common room to find it crowded and loud; completely wrong for discussing the practice and the upcoming game. Sure the discussion shouldn’t take long but it was still necessary and needed quiet. The rest of the team seemed to see that as well and looked expectantly at their captain.

Before he was able to say anything, however, they were greeted with an exceedingly annoyed looking seventh year.

“You idiot,” he growled at Oliver. “I told you one thing. One thing that you were not to do and what do you do? You go and do it anyway! It’s for your own good that I told you to skip practice, you would have made anyone else on the team do it. And don’t try to tell me that it was for the team’s benefit because I don’t see how giving yourself pneumonia will help the team! Well. Come on then.” He grabbed Oliver’s arm to try to pull him toward the staircase to the boys’ dormitories. “Shit Ol,” he frowned, moving his hand from the other boys’ arm up to his forehead. “Okay you’re getting dried off and then I’m taking you down to the hospital wing.”

“Doh you’re dot.” Oliver said stubbornly.

“Come on.” Growled the other seventh year; looking around the common room to find that the majority of the students in the room were watching them. He grabbed Oliver’s arm and wordlessly pulled him toward the staircase.

“Okay guys, by roob id twedty bidutes.” Oliver mumbled to the rest of the team, pulling his arm away from his roommate. Catching the threatening glare from the other boy just a moment later he turned and headed after him up to their dorm room.

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Awwww! :heart:


More please. :drool:

bye. :wub:

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  • 3 weeks later...

Sorry it took so long! I've been so busy recently but here's the next part. It's not great but hope it's okay!

Part 3

“Okay, go get changed and then get into bed.”

“Casey… I’b dot sick. Dod’t deed to go to bed,” Oliver croaked to his roommate, his voice faint and raspy by now, not to mention heavily congested. Casey scowled at him. “Dod’t deed to. Dot tired.” Oliver replied, sitting down on his bed, leaning his head against the post and closing his eyes.

“Hey, no sleeping yet. Here. Get changed out of your wet stuff then you can go to sleep.” Casey shook Oliver out of his light doze and pushed dry clothes into his friend’s hands. Still half asleep, Oliver dragged his eyes open and took the clothes, pulling the hangings closed around his bed to change.

“Heh-eshuuu. Ah-choo! Het-ishhh!”

“Ollie? How’re you feeling? Actually feeling, not the ‘I’m fine’ crap that you’ve been trying all day.” Casey expected Oliver to say that he really was fine and possibly – if he had the energy – get annoyed at being asked. While waiting for an answer, Casey found a box of tissues and put it next to Oliver’s bed, along with the rubbish bin.

“I’ve beed better,” came the tired reply as Oliver pulled back the curtain and sat down on his bed. One look at the seventh year told Casey that this was not the time to tell him how stupid going to practise had been; he was miserable enough without the lecture.

“What’s wrong?” Casey asked, well aware that this may be his only chance to actually get his roommate to tell him what his symptoms were without hiding any. That may give him a chance to see how sick Ollie really was and decide whether it was time to drag him to the hospital wing or if he could try letting him stay in their room for the time being.

“Ub, by head hurts, I cad’t breathe through by dose - hek-ishoo – ad I’b sore.” He mumbled tiredly, before smothering a yawn.

“Blow your nose Ollie,” smirked the other boy, his smirk turning to a frown as his roommate grabbed a tissue and gave a gurgling blow. “Hey, why don’t you try get some sleep before your team gets here? You look like you could use it.” He smiled slightly as the sick boy obediently climbed under his covers, curling up in a shivering ball.

“You cold?” Oliver moaned softly in reply and Casey moved over to the bed frowning. Pulling the covers back just enough that he could see his roommates face, his frown deepened when he saw how flushed the other boys face was. Pushing his fingers onto his friends’ forehead he found the reason. “Ollie, you’re running a fever. Try stay awake for a minute more, kay?” A soft and muffled sound was the only reply that he got as he headed for his own bag to find the thermometer that he kept there, just for situations like this. After a moment of rummaging through the bag he heard soft snores coming from across the room. Rolling his eyes he grabbed the instrument he had been looking for and put it on the table next to his bed. He would check his friend’s temperature when he woke up, which couldn’t be more than 15 or so minutes away if his team was coming up. He needed the rest anyway.


Fifteen minutes later, a knock on the door pulled Casey away from his transfiguration essay. Walking over to the door he glanced at his roommate, and, seeing that he was still fast asleep, quietly opened the door.

“Shhh, Ollie’s asleep and I’d like to keep it that way for a while longer.” He said, before even looking at the people on the other side of the door.

“Oh, okay sorry. Alicia said that we were supposed to come up here about now, is that right?” The girl seemed nervous and Casey couldn’t remember seeing her with the team earlier.

“Yeah that’s right. You’re Katie right?” He asked, remembering that Ollie had mentioned that he had taken Katie to the hospital wing the previous day and hoped that she would recover in time for the game. Evidently he had gotten his wish, the girl looked fine, just a little tired.

“Yeah.” She answered softly.

“You can come in if you want to but I’d like to let Ollie sleep ‘till the others get here. He’s not doing too great at the moment.” With that he headed back into the room and back over to his sleeping roommate.

“What’s wrong with him?” She asked quietly, entering the room and standing awkwardly near the door.

“’The flu I reckon,” he answered promptly. “It’s about time; he’s managed to avoid it for longer than I thought he would but it was gonna happen eventually.” He pulled the blankets away from Oliver’s face and pushed his hand onto the sleeping boy’s forehead, frowning at the warmth that he felt there. Before Katie could ask, there was a knock on the door.

“Let them in will you?” Casey asked, trying to pull the blankets out of his friends’ hands and away from his face. Katie obediently went to open the door.

“Hey Katie! You’re out, how are you?” Alicia was the first in the door, hugging the younger girl tightly. The rest of the team followed her in.

“Could you guys keep it down a bit?” Asked Casey, giving up on his task and turning towards the others. Looking over at the seventh year the team gave mumbled apologies. “Is that everyone? I don’t want to wake him before everyone’s here.” At the nods that he received from the others he began to shake his roommate awake.

“Hey… Ollie… time to wake up now…” He murmured softly, trying to wake his roommate gently.

“Need a hand?” Asked one of the twins, both of them grinning evilly.

One look at their faces, combined with the stories that he had heard from Percy about the two, was enough to convince him that they should be kept as far away from the sick – and probably grumpy – seventh year. He was saved having to reply as Oliver began to shift as he woke up.

“Mmm… sleepig. Go ‘way.” He rolled over so that his face was hidden in the pillow but began to cough violently, his entire body shaking.

“Hey, kid, you’re okay. Just breathe.” Casey gently rubbed his friend’s back as the harsh coughs subsided and he turned to look miserably at his friend.

“Case… dod’t feel so good.”


Okay there you go, hope it was okay!

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Love. :heart:

So much love.

bye. :wub:

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Vulnerable, sniffling, Scottish men trying and failing to hide how sick they are?

Um... More. Please. :-)

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  • 1 month later...

Hey guys sorry it's been forever since I've updated this! I've been working on other stuff and kinda forgot to transfer it to my new laptop blush.png but I've been on a Harry Potter kick recently, watching the movies 'cause they're on TV at the moment and everything so I found this and decided to continue, thanks so much for the lovely comments and I hope this somewhat makes up for the severe lack of updates recently, I've also got the next part pretty much finished so that should be up in the next couple of days as well!


Part 4

“You well enough for your meeting?” Casey asked, surprised by the sudden admission. Oliver looked around, surprised, suddenly noticing that there were other people in the room besides him and his roommate. Clearing his throat, and wincing at the pain it caused, he shifted so that he was sitting instead of lying down.

“Ub, yeah, I’b fide.” He answered, flushing slightly as he saw that the whole team was watching him with concern and tried again to clear some of the roughness from his voice. Wordlessly his roommate got up from his seat on the side of Oliver’s bed and went to retrieve the thermometer from his own table. Holding it out to the sick boy he received a wary, unhappy look in return.

“Is this really dessecary?” Asked Oliver, trying to sound annoyed rather than just tired.

“If you want me to leave while you have your meeting then it is.” Casey answered, shrugging. “Your choice.”

“Fide.” Grumbled Oliver, as his team watched the exchange with some amusement, and took the thermometer, putting it in his mouth grumpily.

“See,” Casey chuckled. “Not so hard is it? Hey! That needs to stay in your mouth Ollie.” He scolded his roommate as he quickly pulled it out of his mouth.

“Hixch! Isch! Ishoo, Hichoo, He-kishoo! Ugh. Excuse be.” He sniffled, and grabbed a tissue from the box next to his bed and wiped his nose. “Okay, I’b dode.” He whispered to his roommate, sticking the thermometer back in his mouth. Merlin his throat hurt. Well, to be more honest everything hurt. This really sucked, and he had to be better by Sunday. He was not going to be forced to sit this game out.

“Oliver? Earth to Captain Wood…” He pulled his mind away from the fog that had started to envelope it at the sound of one of the Weasly’s voices – his tired brain was too fuzzy to figure out which of the twins it was. He blinked, looking at the group in front of him.

“Ollie, you can take the thermometer out now.” Casey chuckled. “You put up such a fuss about putting it in and then you fall asleep before it’s even time to take it out.”

“Wasd’t sleepigg.” Oliver argued softly, taking the thermometer out of his mouth and trying to read it.

“Give it here, you can barely read those when you’re not half asleep and in full health.” His friend said, his voice still amused, as he took the instrument out of the sick boys' hands. “Of course. You never do anything by halves do you kid? 101.6.” He said, answering the curious looks that Angelina, Alicia and Katie were all giving him. Ignoring the comments, Oliver, who had managed to wake himself up a bit more, shot his roommate a pointed look.

“Okay, you took by tebperature.” He said, glancing at the door.

“Yeah, yeah, time for me to leave. You’ve got half an hour and I expect you to stay warm, take it easy and stay in bed. You guys make sure of that please. Okay?” He told the team, grabbing a book from beside his bed and heading to the door and, receiving several ‘yesses’ from the team left the room.

“Sorry about hib. He wadts to be a healer add likes to practice od us. He’s actually pretty cool though, bost of the tibe.” Oliver told his team, pushing the blankets back and starting to get up. He was surprised to find hands pulling the blankets back over him and pushing him back into his bed. “What?” He snapped at Alicia and Fred.

“Weren’t you listening to your roommate? We’re under orders to keep you in bed. Sorry.” Fred grinned, not looking sorry in the least. Oliver glared at him.

“So, Slytherin also got hit by this flu for the match.” Harry tried to break the tension they could all feel emanating from their captain.

“Really? Who?” Oliver jumped at the news, excited and obviously feeling more confident about their chances on Sunday if Slytherin players were also ill.

“Malfoy. He was pretty out of it in class today, Snape even sent him out of potions. Told him to either go see Madam Pomfrey or at least go back to his room and stop infecting the area.” It was true Malfoy really had been a mess in class; half asleep or completely zoned out and not paying any attention and his voice had been practically non-existent. It had taken the potions master no more than ten minutes to send the boy out of the class. If he was a little less of a jerk Harry might have almost felt sorry for him.

Oliver grinned, glad to hear that the other team would also be affected, and having a sick seeker would have a far worse impact on the teams’ performance than having an ill keeper.

“That’s good for us. It’ll certaidly give us ad advadtage. If their seeker is out of the gabe or eved just sick that’s really good for us.” Oliver said softly, speaking more to himself than to the team. “Well so that’s sobethigg to rebebber for the gabe.” He continued slightly louder. “Hey, what’re you doigg?”

“You’re shivering Oliver.” Katie said gently, draping a blanket round his shoulders.

“Oh… thagks.” He mumbled, realising that he was actually cold and pulling the blanket tighter around himself. “Oh yeah, you guys are allowed to sit dowd you dow. Bake yourselves cobfortable.” The others quickly found seats either on the sides of their captains’ bed or on the one next to it and looked expectantly at him.

“Okay.” He began. “First, Katie, it’s really good to see you’re feeligg better. Add it’s great to hear Balfoy is probably godda be either out of the gabe or sick durigg it. You all did well at practice; all of you badahh.. badaged the - he'ngxt! Eshh! - raid well. Aggelida, Alicia, Katie, baybe try to stick closer together. That bight bake it easier to pass to each other if you cad’t see well add also bake it harder for the Slytherid chasers to get the ball off you. Fred, George, just keep a careful eye on which teab the players are od. If you cad’t see who it is, dod’t hit it at theb. We dod’t deed adyode getigg hurt. Harry, just keep watchigg Balfoy in case he sees sobethigg before you do. Overall good job all of you. We should be id good shape to wid od Sudday.”

“Blow your nose Oliver, we can’t understand what you’re saying.” George smirked, earning a glare from his captain. Oliver did as he was told though, grabbing two tissues and giving a gurgling blow.

“Better?” He asked sarcastically.

“Much.” Both twins replied together.

“Andyway, does heh… does andyode – heh’kishoo! Eshoo! - else have adythigg they wadt to add?” There was no response from any of the other members of the team and there was silence in the room for a few moments. “Oh! I thigk there’s sobethigg…” Oliver broke off, making another attempt to get up and once again being pushed back into bed. “Hey! There’s sobethigg I saw the other day id the book I got that bight be useful just let be fidd it add…”

“Oliver, you’re ill, you need to stay in bed. Which book did you want?” Alicia asked him, knowing full well that he would not rest properly until he thought he had done his job as captain. He yawned, “ub…” A few harsh coughs cut him off and George thumped his back until he was able to stop. “Ugh, thagks. Just let be look for it byself, it wodt take logg.” He sighed at the stern expression he could see on Alicia’s face.

“You can look for it tomorrow and show us before training. Right now though Casey told us to make sure you stayed in bed.” She sat down next to him and carried on more gently. “You need to rest if you want to get better.”

“Yeah, and if you want any chance of getting the girls or your roommate to let you play on Sunday you’re gonna need a lot of it.” One of the twins was talking again but Oliver’s foggy brain couldn’t figure out which one it was. His eyes kept slipping closed and it was getting harder and harder to open them again. He was vaguely aware of Alicia pulling the blanket back round his shoulders. Forcing his eyes open again he prompted the others to make suggestions of things they should work on to be ready for the game. As they began to speak he tried to listen but after a while it just got too hard and his eyes drifted closed and no more than 15 minutes after the meeting had begun he was fast asleep again.

“Hey guys, he’s sleeping.” Angelina softly informed the rest of the team when she noticed that their captain, who had participated in the discussion far less than usual, for obvious reasons, was quite obviously asleep, breathing heavy and congested and his head resting on Alicia’s shoulder. Between the team they are able to fairly easily get their captain lying back down with the covers over him without waking him up. They sat around the bed talking quietly about the upcoming game until a knock on the door told them that the half hour was up.


Yeah, hope you guys liked it! And as always any comments are absolutely loved and make me very very happy and all those lovely things so please do not hesitate to let me know what you think!

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D'awwww, Olly's so sleepy and cute. And his teammates are all so caring. It's adorable. :heart:

More please!

BYE! :bleh:

PS. So, Malfoy's sick? (Muahahahahaha!) Are we gonna get anything about him? Cause, you know, I've always imagined that the Slytherins would be fairly "suck-it-up"ish when it comes to illnesses. Especially when you're on the Quidditch team.

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/foams at mouth


Sleepy Oliver's so adorable I just wanna glomp him. I love how he still tries to strategize and get the meeting going even as he's falling asleep :D And of course, team caretaking :heart:

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Oh, yes. I completely forgot about this.

How could I do that? You're so good

Need more. Instantly.


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Thanks for the lovely feedback! :) It's great to know that you guys are enjoying this, I'm pretty busy over the next few days so the part after this will be a little slower coming but here's some more and I hope you enjoy it as well! :)

@VividBubbles!: There will be a little more Malfoy in later chapters but I actually have an idea for a short story (not like this one is turning out to be, only two or so parts but anyway) sort of happening alongside this one if you guys want more Malfoy... Let me know what you think and i'll see how time goes!

So, next part then...


Part 5

“You guys done?” An unfamiliar voice came from outside the door. Harry got up and pulled open the door and three seventh years came into the room. Casey, who the team already knew from earlier, was followed by two others, one taller with dark brown hair and a mischievous expression and the other paler, blonde and more serious. The darker boy laughed softly as he saw that their friend had fallen asleep.

“How long did he last?”

“About fifteen minutes.” George answered.

“Typical, he gets sick and can’t even manage to stay awake for us to have any fun with it.” The older boy rolled his eyes and sat down on one of the beds. “I’m Zach, by the way. And the bookworm over there is Joshua.” He gestured over to where the other boy was already sitting on his bed with a book in his hands. “He’s actually friendlier than that, he just gets shy when he doesn’t know people.” There was soft thump as a pillow came flying from Joshua’s bed and hit Zach in the side of the head. Laughing, Zach grabbed his wand and charmed the pillow to fly back over to where it came from and begin to hit the occupant of the bed who retaliated with charms of his own. With the two of them quickly engaged in their pillow war Casey sat down next to Oliver along with the team.

“You guys finish everything you needed to?” He asked them.

“Yeah, pretty much.” Angelina was the one to answer for all of them.

“Good. Oh yeah, I hope you have an alternate plan for training tomorrow. I know Ollie’s been making you train every day but there’s no way he’s getting out of bed tomorrow, let alone going outside.” He received several nods; they could all see that their captain was going to be far too sick to train the next day. “Thanks for looking after him.” Casey gave them a warm smile, obviously dismissing them and the players began to head out of the room.

“How’s the kid doing?” Zach asked Casey as he saw the younger Gryffindors leaving.

“Why do you call him that?” George broke in, his curiosity over the nickname becoming too strong not to ask.

“Oh, he’s the youngest in our room and back in first year he was tiny so we started calling him kid and it just stuck.” Zach laughed as he remembered how the name had come about. Casey looked at the boys expectantly, making it clear that they were welcome to leave. Taking the hint, probably for the first time in their lives, the twins followed the rest of their team out of the room.

Casey brushed his fingers across Oliver’s forehead and sighed when he felt that it was easily as hot as it had been earlier. He really needed to be in the hospital wing where Madam Pomfrey could give him something to help him to get better. He felt his hand being pushed from where it lay by something cold. Casey looked up and saw that Joshua had gotten a damp facecloth and was putting it over their roommate’s head.

“If he won’t go to the hospital wing then we just have to make sure he gets better here.”

“Thanks Josh.”

“You’re not the only one who knows how to take care of him.” Joshua smiled gently at his friend. “Come on, I need a hand with the transfiguration essay and I know you’ve already started, if not finished.”

“We’re getting help? Wait a minute, I’m in too!” Zach dug through his bag for a quill and parchment and the three of them settled down to work at a desk that they had created earlier in the year so that they could work in their room instead of in the common room where it was often noisy and easy to get distracted.

“Eshoo! Hi’ngshoo! Kishoo! He’choo!”

“Finally decided to wake up?” Zach smirked as Josh grabbed his wand, trying to erase the ink that had spilled on his essay when the loud sneezes made him jump.

“Doh.” The faint moan was accompanied by shuffling sounds as Oliver pulled the blankets over his head in an attempt to block out the rest of the world.

“Not feeling so great?” Josh looked sympathetically over at the lump of blankets that was his roommate. The only answer he received was a few rough coughs.

“Ollie, stay awake for a couple of minutes, kay? I think I’ve got some meds somewhere that you can take.” Casey started looking through his bag, trying to find the muggle medicine that his mother had sent him when he had first told her about the bug going round the school.

“Dot takigg that.” Oliver’s muffled voice came from under the covers.

“You are taking it, like it or not.” Casey was unsympathetic, finding the box and popping out two pills. He looked over at the other two, his expression asking for help. Zach stood, heading over to their friend and pulling the blankets hard away from Oliver’s head.

“Hey!” Oliver sat up rubbing his eyes sleepily and grabbed the cover back.

“Just take the pills Ollie, you know you’re gonna lose. Besides, don’t you want to be asleep again when Perce gets back and save yourself the lecture?” Josh spoke from where he was still seated at the desk, thinking about their other roommate who would probably be annoyed that Oliver had not gone down to the hospital wing. At the moment he was out, most likely patrolling the corridors, but he would be back soon.

Oliver paused, considering this. The last lecture Percy had given him – that time about focussing too much on Quidditch and too little on schoolwork – had lasted for nearly an hour, something he certainly didn’t feel up to repeating. “Fihh… Fide gi – hep’tchh! Hushoo! Ha’shhh! – fide give theb here.” Scowling he took the pills and grabbed the water off his table, swallowing the pills quickly, wincing at the pain in his throat. He grabbed a couple of tissues from the box besides his bed and blew his nose loudly, trying to clear it enough to breathe properly.

“Yuck.” Zach wrinkled his nose at the sound.

“What’re you doigg Josh?” Oliver ignored the face, glancing over to where the blonde was scribbling away again.

“Transfiguration essay, Case was helping us with it and I want to get it down before I forget.”

“Oh crap I have to fiddish that too!”

“You can do it when you’re better, it’s Friday, it can wait a day or two. If you do it now it’s not gonna make any sense anyway.”

“But I have to fiddish it add the gabe’s od Sudday so I have to bake sure there’s dothigg else I have to look up for traidigg toborrow add -”

“Calm down kid, you’re not going anywhere until your fever goes down so just relax for a minute. I severely doubt you’re gonna be well enough to train tomorrow, they can manage without you for one night. The essay’s only due Wednesday so you have a couple of days to do it even without starting tonight.” Secretly Casey was positive that Oliver would be in the hospital wing on Wednesday which meant he would be given an extension on the essay until he got back to class but he knew better than to say that.

“Toborrow’s the last day before the gabe! I cad’t just skip traidigg because of a cold, I’b the captaid add it’s by job to be there all the tibe!”

“You’re running a fever and will probably end up with pneumonia or something if you do go and end up too sick to play the game anyway! You would never let any of the others play like this!” Josh could sense that the argument was just getting started. Casey and Oliver, while close friends, could yell at each other indefinitely when they disagreed on something, and that something usually seemed to be Quidditch.

“Hey guys, why you don’t just wait until tomorrow and see how Ollie is then rather than fighting about it tonight? It’ll save a lot of time.” Zach rolled his eyes at Josh's logic, sitting down on his own bed.

“Always so practical.”

“Yup that’s me.”

“Hi’nxxt! Engshoo! Ishh!”

“Bless you, go back to sleep Ollie. I’m tired just looking at you.” Casey gently pressed his hand to his friend’s forehead, frowning at how hot it felt. Hopefully the medication would start working soon.

“Dod’t wadt to. Dot tired.” A yawn following the statement caused all three of Oliver’s roommates to laugh.

“Come on kid, the drugs should kick in soon and they’re gonna knock you out whether you like it or not, you know they always do. May as well make it look like it was your choice.” The sick boy had to laugh at his roommates’ logic, it pretty much described Zach’s entire thought process; ‘is it your choice? If not how can you make it look like it is? Do that.’

“Fide, but I’b dot –” he was cut off by another wide yawn. “I’b dot skippigg traidigg toborrow.”

“Go to sleep, we’ll see about tomorrow when it comes.” Casey pulled a disgusted face as Oliver lay, down, sneezing into his pillow and pulled the blankets back over himself.

“Hey, Case. Can you check this to make sure it makes sense?” Josh called from the desk as Zach pulled out a book and began to read, having little interest in completing the essay. After all, it was Friday night. There was all weekend to do homework.


yeah... so there you go... hope you liked it! I will try to update the next part as soon as I can but it probably wont be for a few days.

As always I love your comments so please, let me know what you thought! :)

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Hehe. Love the nickname. Ollie's so cute and stubborn and adorable. And his friends are incredibly sweet. I can't wait to read more!

BYE! :bleh:

PS. Oooooh, Malfoy! Mmmm. :heart: I'd absolutely love to see a short story about him.

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You would never let any of the others play like this!”

:lol: Oh, I beg to differ.

I wasn't expecting back to back updates so I was very much pleasantly surprised to see this! :> The nickname story is so adorable, as is sick Ollie = w =

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Hey guys I'm sorry it took so long! I've been so busy and just haven't been able to get this part to how i'm happy with it but after about 7 rewrites I figure it's about as good as it'll get... So yeah, hope you all don't hate it! Thanks for all the lovely feedback so far!

Part 6

“Uh, hi?” Angelina looked down at the blonde seventh year who was sitting on the ground in the hallway outside his dorm room.

“Oh, hey.” He looked up at her and Alicia, smiling slightly and closing his book. Both girls looked at him, glancing at the door behind him, trying to figure out why he had decided to sit in the corridor rather than inside his room or in the common room.

“So… is there a reason you decided the floor was more comfortable than your room or the common room?” Alicia finally asked him. He frowned in reply and glanced at the door.

“Making sure those two don’t kill each other.” He pointed his thumb over his shoulder at the room. Listening a little more carefully the girls could hear yelling from behind the door. “Case tried to soundproof it but I made sure that it was just muffled, I wanted to know what was going on and when it was safe to go back in.” The yelling paused and they heard several muffled sneezes before it continued.

“Who - ?” Angelina already thought she knew what it was and the reason for the yelling.

“Case and Ollie. They’ve been at it for,” he glanced at his watch, “about twenty five minutes now.”

“Oliver didn’t agree to skipping training then?” Their captain had missed their training, as all of them had expected although none of the team had been sure how Casey had managed to get him to agree. They had worked on their suggestions from the night before and the things he had mentioned working on previously as well as final preparations for the game with Angelina acting as captain for the night. They had all planned to go up to the seventh year’s dorm to let him know how it had gone and to see how he was and to see what the plan for the game the following day was.

“Not exactly…” Josh smirked slightly. “Muggle cold medicine always knocks him out for ages so we gave him some this afternoon and just didn’t wake him. Of course, he was pretty annoyed when he did wake up and saw the time…” Josh trailed off as he listened to the yelling from inside the room.

“We were going to meet the rest of the team here and go over plans for tomorrow and let Oliver know what we went over at training but maybe we should let the others know to come back later.” Alicia looked warily at the door, debating whether she really wanted to see either of the boys when they were fighting like that.

“They’d better wrap it up soon, quite frankly I don’t know how Ollie’s lasted this long.” He rolled his eyes, thinking about how his friend had seemed earlier that day. That morning he had been unusually obedient, even letting his friends take his temperature without the usual complaints. Of course the fact that his fever had been over 102 all day, even with the muggle medicine that Casey had found, probably helped to make him more compliant, or at least less vocal.

“So, where are Zach and Percy? I didn’t see either of them in the common room,” Angelina asked after a few moments of silence between the three.

“Percy is probably out with Penelope and Zach got himself stuck in detention. I told him that he should stick to the recommended books for his charms report…” He laughed softly, thinking about the ‘alternative’ topics that Zach had covered in the last report. Before either of the girls could respond, the door to the room flew open and Casey stormed out, allowing it to slam shut behind him.

“That idiot!” His voice was strained and tense, betraying his worry as well as annoyance.

“Case, calm down, you know Ollie. It’s the day before a game, he always gets wound up and of course it’s gonna be worse right now. Just don’t let it get to you.” Josh tried to speak calmly but quite honestly it was rather unnerving to see Casey so uncontrolled. Even when he was mad he was in control, not like now where he seemed frustrated beyond reason.

“He knows that it’s gonna end badly! He’ll end up with bronchitis or pneumonia or something again because he can’t understand that a practice match doesn't count!”

“Hey, why don’t I go talk to him and you go to the common room or something. Okay? Angelina and Alicia wanted to come say hi to him as well.” A sharp nod was the only reply they received as Casey stomped down the hallway to the common room. Josh sighed with relief that Casey either hadn’t guessed or hadn’t cared that the girls were going to talk about Quidditch with their captain. “You sure you guys wanna come in? If Case is that worked up I don’t even want to think what Ollie’s gonna be like…”

“We’ll be fine; I think Oliver will want to know what we did at training anyway.” Alicia answered with Angelina nodding beside her. Josh muttered something that sounded suspiciously like ‘your funeral’ but made no further comment, pushing open the door to their room.

At first there was no sign of anyone in the room. There was no one at the desk and Oliver’s bed, while unmade, was clearly empty. It was only when the sound of harsh sneezes came from the direction of the bathroom that they managed to locate the sick boy.

“Ng’eshoo! Kishoo! Ishhh!” Josh knocked softly on the door.

“Hey, kid? You okay?”

“Go away Josh.” The weak rasping voice was cut off by rough coughs and the sound of retching.

“Ollie, open the door.”

“Go away.” Josh didn’t answer and a few moments later the door swung open. Angelina frowned at the sight of the older boy. He looked similar to the day before, but somehow worse, paler and with hint of green tinting his ashen face. Next to her she heard Josh sigh and reach over to touch his roommate’s forehead.

“Did you manage to keep the pills down long enough for them to do anything this time?” Oliver shrugged in reply, looking at the two girls instead of his roommate.

“I’b so sorry! Casey didd’t wake be add I kdow there’s doh excuse for bissigg traidigg add-”

“Breathe Ollie,” Josh reminded the other boy with a slight smile.

“Oliver, it’s fine, it’s the first practice you've missed in, what, three years? We managed fine; the others should be up soon, by the way. We were planning to do what we did last night and find out what you had planned for tomorrow.” Angelina spoke softly, trying to reassure the older boy that there was nothing wrong with missing the one practice.

“It’s dot okay, I’b sorry for just leavigg you guys like that, it’s heh… it’s ideheh… Hi’ngxt! E’shoo! Ishhh! Sorry. It’s idexcusable-”

Oliver! It’s fine, you’re sick and you need to rest, not be out in the rain.” Alicia’s response caused their captain to scowl but fall silent. “The others should be here soon.” Oliver sniffed thickly and nodded, his expression still showing he was angry with himself.

“Okay now that that’s sorted, you gonna be sick again kid? Or are you okay to go back to bed. Before you even try to ask; yes, those are the only two options.” Oliver hesitated, considering whether the unease in his stomach was bad enough to be a problem or just uncomfortable.

“I thigk I’b good.” He replied, allowing Josh to grab his arm and pull him towards his bed. Yawning he looked at the girls again. “How did practice go? What did you work od?” The two girls sat on the side of his bed, trying to encourage him to do the same without actually saying anything. Josh was not so subtle.

“Ollie, just go to bed already. You can stop being embarrassed about being sick, these guys were all here yesterday, it’s not new. Plus you need to rest; I’m going to be seriously annoyed if you get another chest infection.” Josh managed to get Oliver to sit on his bed and roughly wrapped a blanket over his friend’s shoulders when a knock on the door told them that the rest of the team had finally arrived. “Stay,” he ordered, heading to open the door while the two girls watched their captain being ordered around with amusement.

“Heh’kishhh! Eh’eshoo! Hachoo!” He sneezed, sniffling miserably until Alicia handed him a tissue. Taking it he blew his nose thickly, finding that it gave little relief from the fuzziness that had taken over his head. Considering it, that was probably more the fever than the congestion but still; it was frustrating. All bowing his nose seemed to do was make him need to sneeze again. He wrinkled his nose, trying to get rid of the tickling in his sinuses. “Eh’ishoo! Sorry,” he sniffed again, trying to ignore the continuous buzzing.

“You sound like you’re feeling better.” Oliver looked up to see both of the Weasly twins standing with his roommate and Katie and Harry behind them.

“Actually I ab,” he replied, trying to sound better than he felt. Fred smirked while George rolled his eyes. The twins hardly ever took anything seriously but this was important. There was no way that they were going to lose to Slytherin, and quite frankly Oliver looked horrible. As much as he was trying to pretend that he was fine, he wasn’t fooling anyone in the least. But he could just go to the hospital wing after the game and get some flu potion and in a few days he would be better, he just needed to make it through the game.

“Okay, I’ll be back up in a while, stay in bed won’t you kid?” Josh waited for a nod from his friend before leaving the room.


Yeah hope you guys didn't hate it, please let me know what you thought! Also on a side note, I've been really getting into Doctor Who recently so if anyone knows any good Jack fics I would absolutely love to be informed! Just on a side note! And back on the original topic, I have less planned until school starts again so the next part should be up in a couple of days but it will most likely be shorter!

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