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What do non-fetishist think?


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As I have always "liked" sneezing, I'm pretty clueless as to how non-fetishists think when someone sneezes.

Like, is it gross, is it cute, is it no bigger deal than breathing?

I'm curious.

The thing is, there's this guy that I kind of like and I kind of want to sneeze in front of him, but I'm afraid he'll think I'm gross :/

Is there anyone here who don't have the fetish that could share their opinion on sneezing?

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Well, I know I shouldn't be replying since I'm a fetishist, but I tried to sneeze in front of a guy I like as well. I did a "cute sneeze" ( my normal ones arnt very cute xD ) it sounded like Hehhh...chew and he did quickly turn around towards me when I sneezed. He looked liked, he kinda enjoyed it! (Win!) Anyway, I think non fetishists, from what I read from the comments over certain sneeze fetish related videos, is not very...well, positive. They all were like, "Weird as hell." Hope this helped even though it's not from a non-fetishist. :)

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is it no bigger deal than breathing?

Probably this ^^

But also, ask yourself how you feel when someone else coughs or hiccups. It's probably much the same as how non-fetishists feel when we sneeze

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Hhmm, I've wondered this too. I think this is why I have a mental block; because I don't want to gross anyone out or turn people off. I used to go to the extremes. In my head, if people weren't fetishists then they were the other end of the spectrum and they hated it which I've sort of changed now. I agree with Joal 555, we don't tend to pay attention to other little things like hiccups or whatever (well I don't anyway). I sort of register it but don't record it if that makes sense? Also, as I've mentioned before, my 4 best friends know and at first one of them would look at me and smirk if someone hot sneezed. Although now if I start to blush or whatever, it's only the fact that I start talking about it that she even remembers. She doesn't even notice people sneezing! sweatdrop.gif

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i actually always wondered that, but i think it depends on the person, for some is gross, for some is cute and for some is just like breathing. Like coughs for example, i find it just as normal as breathing or something like that, i think that's hoow non fetishists see sneezing

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I think they react to it, like Joal said, the way they'd react to other sounds people make. Some people will make a huuuge deal out of it (positive or negative), others won't notice. There is no saying. Only experimenting!

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One thing you can be certain of, they won't remember anything to do with any sneeze after a day or so; in the vast majority of cases they won't be aware it has happened at all; in fact just like breathing. If they do notice they will think it funny . It is extremely unlikely that they will be aardvarked out; but it scarcely matters since they won't remember it a few minutes later.

The YouTube comments that things are weird refer to the fact that someone has actually recorded somethig that is intrinsically uninteresting.

It is difficult to believe, I know. I realised at one stage when in London it is like walking through a flock of pigeons on the pavement and not even noticing it; whereas to an ornithophobe that would be a terrible and memorable experience.

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I'm going with the "varied responses depending on person, but none of them sticking in their minds for long".

If it's sneezing directly *on* another person, on food.... then yes the reaction will be "Ick!" (to greater or less degree) and probably will stay in mind slightly longer. Otherwise, I'd think that it would be like randomly noticing that something is cute, strange, (or not noticing) and then moving on.

I'll compare this to a secondary "thing" of mine - which is sound based. In my case there are "normal" people who like it or think "awww- cute". They notice. Just... it isn't as memorable and the amount of attention to slight details seems to be far less.

Clear as mud, I'm sure. :bag:

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I think for most non-fetishists, someone sneezing would be just...a non-event. Not like breathing exactly, because it does command more attention than that, and it does have associated things like potential germs, colds, allergies, discomfort, etc...so it does garner more attention than breathing, but...it's a very neutral / nothing thing most of the time.

However, if someone a non-fetishist LIKES sneezes, for some, it would be seen as cute and slightly appealing, I think. If they find you attractive and appealing in terms of appearance and personality, and you sneeze in what you consider to be a cute way, they would probably find it cute.

Some non-fetishists DO enjoy seeing someone they like sneeze. It'd be kind of similar to if someone they liked had the hiccups or burped or something (if it was a "cute" burp of course, lol). There'd usually be absolutely NO sexual aspect related to it, but it'd still be a positive thing and not a negative.

I don't think any non-fetishist finds general sneezing disgusting. Everyone does it, you know? If someone sneezes on someone, or on food, as someone said above, or if someone had an obvious cold and sneezed around other people without covering their nose & mouth, then they would think it was a bit "disgusting", but not just a standard sneeze.

The person I told about my fetish has found my sneezes very cute and appealing for a long time, way before he knew anything about my fetish. And after I told him, he said he would sometimes imagine me sneezing or if I did a video for him where I happened to sneeze in it, he'd pause and rewind and re-watch the sneeze. He wondered if HE may have had a very slight fetish too, but I think it was just the fact he really liked me.

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In my opinion i think i like sneezing a little more than watching others sneeze, but as long as its a nice sneeze i like it. The only time i dont like it is if its an annoying, forced man sneeze. I can explain it but there are a few people who I hate their sneeze, and their cough. Its more of like a "HUCK-Shit!!". I think most girls have cute sneezes, mine are kinda big tho.

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Oh hey, I can comment on this! I have a related fetish, and not a sneeze fetish per se.

For me, joal and stevie_sloth are right in that hearing people sneeze is similar to the experience of hearing them cough or hiccup. And as the count said, I would not remember a sneeze an hour or two after it happened. One thing that's different about sneezing from those other sounds is that the convention of blessing can actually make things awkward or confusing, even for non-fetishists. Should you say bless you to your boss? A stranger on the subway? I think these situations make a lot of people uncomfortable (though not in the same way as for you guys, obviously, and not to the same extent).

I hardly ever think sneezing is gross, just like coughing usually isn't gross. It just happens. There are some outliers - I can imagine an old man sneezing really loudly and wetly in a way that was slightly repulsive, and as people said, the idea of people sneezing on other people or on food is gross. But everyday sneezes never disgust me. On the other side of things, I'm also never attracted to people's sneezes. I've heard "cute" sneezes, especially from girls, which catch my attention because they sound different from most other sneezes. I think I find that kind of sneezing more annoying than appealing, though, just because it sounds engineered. Some people probably find it cute or funny - I'm sure it depends on the person. Regardless, I think it does draw more attention than non-cute sneezes, and non-fetishists are more likely to notice those sneezes and comment on them.

I'm a little embarrassed about sneezing myself in front of other people. I usually try to stifle it if I'm in the middle of an interaction with someone. If I sneeze outside of an interaction, while people are just around, it doesn't make a difference to me at all. I think non-fetishists vary on this.

I'd be happy to answer any other non-sneeze-fetishist-directed questions :)

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well I'm a non-fetishist and i personally think some sneezes are cute, i pay attention to everything in life as thats just the way i am i analyse things, i always notice when people sneeze and such but some i find gross(over exaggerated and pointlessly large ones), others cute (like when they look all taken aback and sleepy awww) but yea, us non-fetishist notice sneezing ^^

well, i do :3

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