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When their gentle i like em, and its cute when my dog gets them. Sometimes mine never go away and i have to hold my breathe really deep. I get frustrated.

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They can be cute if I'm attracted to the person who has them, if not, they're usually just annoying. There is this guy in my math class who gets the hiccups quite frequently during class and he does it loudly too. The teacher always gives him a dirty look, it's quite funny.

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I get hiccups quite often and once they start they don't stop...it can go on for an hour or so. I remember when I was at work once I had hiccups for one hour and a half and my boss was trying everything to make me stop and he was like: "cut it down will ya??" it jus wouldn't pass...I tried everything...it eventually went away at the end!

Anyway I find hiccups hilarious when other people have them, I can't stop laughing don't know why. They're not cute or sexy....just funny :)

I would love if my boyfriend would be attrachted by my hiccups, he would be very lucky!

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