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US presidential debate - Romney with a cold?


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For anyone else watching the US presidential debate, is it just me, or does it seem like Romney has a cold?! He is SUPER stuffy and is actually pronouncing his m's like b's and n's like d's. And the best part is the space between his nose and his upper lip is a bit pink and has that delicious "cold-y" look. I'm just mentally BEGGING for a sneeze. It would just be beyond excellent to have someone sneeze in this situation. And, sorry if this is totally weird, but he just seems like a double sneezer.

Don't want to go too much into politics here, but I dont even like Mitt, and I'm just sitting here loving this seeming-cold.

Anyone else notice this??

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I noticed this too! Yeah, he did sound a bit stuffy. However, I was kinda interested in the debate so I wasn't really wishing anything fetish related to happen. :lol: (Plus he's kinda a little too old for my sneeze-meter.)

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I really despise mitt romney but...

I never thought of him like that...

What the hell i was watching the debate and didn't even hear his stuffy voice...really..my fetish ears have failed me -_-

but imagine if BOTH romney and obama had a cold during the debate...omfg that would be great lol

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Wow. Now I can't decide whether seeing Romney sneeze would be hot or just repulsive. I mean, my fetish can be very schadenfreude-fueled at times, and the thought of a powerful man that I truly despise... Hmm... I honestly don't know what to feel. :laugh:

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PLEASE no. Just... no. :yuck: That man's name simply has no business being in this section of the forum!

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PLEASE no. Just... no. yucky.gif That man's name simply has no business being in this section of the forum!

Got that right. What kind of name is "Mitt" anyway?

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Hmm. The only thing I noticed in the debate was Obama having his ass handed to him. Clearly he was without his precious teleprompter! I'm not voting for either one of those clowns, but I still think Romney is handsome. I'd definitely be interested in seeing him debate while he had a cold! biggrin.png

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but I still think Romney is handsome.

Is it terrible that I think so too, despite this lesbian thing I have going on and all? :lmfao:

*hangs head* I'm a failure. :P

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VFP, word!!! I was actually shocked when I found out how old he was, he looks great for his age!!! Hmmmm, cold ridden politicians....

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Hey everyone, just a friendly neighborhood reminder here:

It's totally fine to discuss any cold-ness that may have taken place, but discussion of the people themselves, especially if it could lead to debate of some kind (haw), is probably better suited in the off-topic boards.

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especially if it could lead to debate of some kind (haw),

Heh, debate, I get it. happy.png

Now I'm posting this for strawberrylemonade's and the other posters' sakes, not to further any sort of political debate, but:

Those on the left made an accusation recently that Mitt Romney brought a "cheat sheet" page of notes with him to the podium, and there is video evidence of him plopping a white sheet-looking thing of something onto the podium as he walked up to it. Then, those on the right pointed out that it was not a cheat sheet, but a handkerchief - and to boot, there is video evidence of him using said hanky to wipe his nose!

It's in gif form towards the bottom of this article (again, only posting for fetish's sake): http://www.ijreview....s-handkerchief/ It's rather high-speed, too, and if for some reason all you see is a picture of Romney, just click it and you'll see the animate version.

strawberrylemonade23, your theory might be correct!

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I think that is pretty cool.

He's not really "my type"... but the situation is right up my alley. *grins* The power/ public speaking aspect w/ cold idea is just one that Very much appeals to me.

Good catch and always good to share nice finds. :)

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