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A fanfic request


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There' one fanfic that I have not been able to find that would be absolutely amazing. And that, my friends, would be Dallas Wiston from The Outsiders. I have had a massive crush on Matt Dillon since I've seen that movie because his character is just so gosh darn dreamy wubsmiley.gif

Anyway, I would totally write it myelf but I am a horrid writer and it would be a major disastor.

So, my thoughts of a storyline would be either when he's older (As if the book didn't end how it did.) with a family of his own and is fighting while fighting a terrible, nasty cold. Maybe throw in a mischeious teenage daughter who followed in his footeps and he's trying to control her while controlling his cold. Just a thought blushsmiley.gif . Or, one where he is still young and trying to fight off his allergies.

If anyone where to take this in consideration and write this, I would love you FOREVER! biggrinsmiley.gif

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