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How to stop sneezing!


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I've been having intermittent allergy attacks (3-5 / week) due to allergens in my apartment. They are exhausting - I sneeze constantly and as I sneeze I can feel my nose gearing up again. My eyes start to swell and itch and i just keep sneezing. I take claritin every day and benadryl when i get home. I try taking a shower, laying cold cloths over my eyes and nose, every once in a while buy different antihistamines....

but what i'm looking for are tricks I can put together from around the house -- a tea or steam infusion? anything to get me out of an endless, exhausting cycle.

thanks so much for any advice!

as to the obvious -- clean your apartment -- it's a work in progress and i'm not sure what i'm really allergic too and i have a lot of animals but these attacks are recent..... If you have specific things I could clean that would be good too.

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Have you ever used a Neti pot? I have used them for really bad colds when I have a horribly stuffy nose. It cleanses your sinuses, so maybe it will alleviate your sneezing?

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Nettle tea is supposed to be very good for allergies. Quercitin and bromelein are also good--these are vitamins that you can get at most vitamin and health food stores. Quercitin is a form of Vitamin C that is specifically useful for allergies, and bromelein is an enzyme that reduces allergic symptoms.

This is what I learned while working at a vitamin store. Some customers gave rave reviews about these things.

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I've read somewhere that rooibos tea can cure allergies.

... in what doses? *stocks up* tonguesmiley.gif

Basically, if you drink nothing but rooibos for the rest of your life, you'd have no more allergies on your deathbed or something. :P No, I forget how it works exactly... my parents have a booklet on it somewhere. Fantastically old-fashioned stuff. I'll hunt it up and get back to you!

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