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Bad Art of a Bad Man


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This is basically what happens when VoOs wants to draw nose pr0n, challenges herself to do so without using any anatomy references whatsoever, and then completely loses her patience with the whole thing halfway through it. heh.gif

I really did not try with this one, but I enjoyed drawing his nose, so... *vague hand gesture*

For lazily rendered male escort trolling his fetishist client, click here.

And just to ruin it for you even more: Belias isn't even allergic to perfume. He's just acting.

Why am I even telling you this? uhuh.gif


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Hellooooo beautiful~!!! What a very bad man indeed, and so stunning. Oh VoOs, you spoil us with your nose pr0n.....

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The teasing thing is a pretty hot concept, also I can't believe you didn't use any anatomy references for that; it's so well drawn. Also I love the way her body's drawn. Yay, curves. :3

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