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Hi, all!


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Hi all,

Long time lurker, first time poster. I've been a fan of the site for awhile and am ready to give back and start sharing. I've written a few sneezefics that I've never showed and am also ready to start recording. I have mild allergies, but many triggers that lead to some interesting and varied fits.

Looking forward to meeting you all.


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Welcome to the forum!

I like the name springfling, but does that mean your relationships are very seasonal? :P

Also, you are the second recent new member whose username has the same initials as Sneeze Fetish (SilverFox was the other).There's a pattern developing here..........

*considers changing his name to SillyFool*

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Hi Springfling welcome to the forum :)

took me a while to register to, you'll feel at home in no time, looking forward to reading your stories :)

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Hi there springfling :) Would really like to read some of your fics (if you're ready to share...) and hear anything you record :)

Varied fits, you say? They say variety is the spice of life ;)

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