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So I've been away for awhile, and I'm really sorry about that. Glad that's outa my system.

Here are some of my best obs from while I've been away:

1: couple months ago I was sitting in Biology class doing a lab with my amigos, and my ex-boyfriend, who remains a def love interest of mine (guess why), gives one of his absolutely precious "HNDX-chew!"s. My teacher, who is scary as h-e-double toothpicks, glares at him and growls, "God. Bless. You." Which for him, is kind. So B of course says "Thank you" and goes back to work.

Over the next day or two I got more than, like, EIGHT of his fanTAStic sneezes...but then Thursday came and he was home sick with a cold ;( I wanted to call him but then I figured he'd be asleep because that's what he does when he's sick. Poor little lovey...

2: Speaking of scary Biology teacher, here's a great one. Sitting in class, writing down homework. Major "HUUSSHOOOOO!!!" from the front of the class. Now, there are a few people in my grade that sneeze like that, two of which are in that class with me, so I just shouted out a normal, "Bless you." I heard my teacher mumble a gruff "Thank you." I was in heaven!!! Yeah, the teacher's a creeper, but I can't help but love the guy!

3: Self obs, check that section. It's called "Oh screw everything".

That's about it!

Love, :heart: H

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Wow... thanks for sharing!

:D you're welcome. I was actually thinking of you after the second obs; I was like, "Hmmm....I think Loca would get a good laugh outa this.." :lmfao:

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