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So this might be a little strange...


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But I was kind of wondering if there was a sickness fetish? Like, would it be a separate fetish or would it be connected with Hurt/Comfort? I don't know why, but I've always been fascinated with illnesses in their entirety as well as just sneezing. I've got a real "thing" for fevers and the vulnerability they cause and how miserable it is. But I'm a real H/C sick!fic addict. It's so sadistic, but I never write anything else and it's hard to get me to read anything else.

So is there such a thing as a sickness fetish, is it connected to h/c, or am I totally alone in this?

Also, would fevers be considered a related fetish by any chance?

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Your not alone. Ive heard of people who like that too. I personally am indifferent but im sure someone will reply who has the same fetish.

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Yes!! Welcome! :D

There are definitely at least a few of us on here, and illness/fever-specific posts crop up every now and then. It's generally accepted as a related fetish.

After reading some hurt/comfort fics in the wider internet world, I've had similar questions about to what extent people have this particular fetish, above and beyond H/C (which I also love in its own right). I've concluded that a lot of the people who write those must have a similar kink. Not all of them, but the pattern seems too clear and deliberate for it to be a coincidence. It is hard to figure out.

Anyway, nice to have you here!

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Definitely. Sneezing in-and-of itself doesn't do anything for me, but it does fit in nicely with a cold or a fever, so I consider it related. I'm basically in the same boat, anything I read or write is H/C, almost always sick/fever fics. I love the vulnerability and all of it. So you're definitely not alone :)

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You are absolutely not alone! Sickness is sexy by itself, whether it leads to sneezing or not. All the better if it DOES lead to sneezing though! I agree, there is def. some sadism in my love of H/C, and that just makes it all the more enjoyable for me. :D

BTW, what's your sig from? That guy is fine :)

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BTW, what's your sig from? That guy is fine :)

That's Tom Hiddleston in her sig (played Loki in the Thor and Avengers movies), and yeah, he is super fine. :P

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I wouldn't be surprised if there was a fever fetish or an illness fetish. I could ask my boyfriend for details on this (he knows more about this stuff than I do)

I know I personally am more turned on by a cold than allergies (though I will take allergies if it's offered) and a fever is the cherry on top.

This is just speculation but I've always wondered if it's because fevers need more care than an ordinary cold and (as seen in MANY sneeze fics) care can be a sign of or interpreted as love.

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there is DEFINITELY a h/c and sickness fetish. hurt/comfort is my crack, and like some of the above posters have said, sneezing does very little for me unless it's connected to sickness.

ps- fever fetish is another widely-known fetish on this site (and one of my personal faves). you're not alone! biggrinsmiley.gif

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My H/C fetish is really strong and I prefer fevers over everything else...!! They are probably the core aspect of my fetish! However, it all kind of started with colds, because I also really like sneezing/sniffling/nose-blowing, so I started searching for fanfiction about characters with colds. Then, because I didn't want to miss out on the fever part, I got more and more into the flu and started reading fics that specifically said the main character was sick with the flu and not just a cold, so I knew there would be fever in it. Now some of those flu stories also contained other stuff, like... well... puking and such. At first I was turned off, but then I realized that it didn't bother me all that much anymore and now I can tolerate it and sometimes even find there's something to it. I mean, if I had to choose between a fic or book with no sickness at all or one that includes fever and vomiting, but no sneezing or anything cold-related, I would gladly choose the latter! ;) That's why I think I can be considered a sickness-fetishist!

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