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Katniss Everdeen - The Hunger Games


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Katniss Everdeen was sprinting faster than she ever had in her life. Behind her were a mob of 4 young boys and irls tryig to kill her and win the hunger games. She knew she could not keep out running them and she would have to come up with a plan fast. Then she spotted a nice climbing tree in the distance. She got their and started climbing up it. Finally, she was high enough were she probably would not be spotted. She peaked around a branch and saw the 4 of them right below her.

"Where did she go?" Asked the tall, blonde girl.

"Well I see her footsteps right here." Said the musclar, blonde haired guy.

"She's got to be around here somewhere." The small girl with burnette hair.

"Let's just camp here for the night. I know she's around here." Said the tall and lean guy with dark hair.

"Megan you be first watch." Said the blonde guy to the blonde girl.

Everybody, except Megan who was on watch, was now fast asleep. Katniss was just trying to be silent and hidden until morning when they would move away. However, she was developing some issues which would make that more difficult. Her allergies were starting to really annoy her as she started constantly rubbing her runny nose. But she was just getting worse. She started developing a small tickle in her nose. Now would be a terrible time to sneeze for Katniss as a sneeze would probably give her away as it was so silent out. The tickle started rapidly increasing in Katniss' nostrils as she was afraid she was gonna have to let one go. She tried putting a finger under her nose but that was useless. Finally she realized she couldn't hold off the tickle forever and she decided she was just gonna hope for one sneeze which she would try and stifle as quietly as she could. She closed her eyes and let the sneeze happen as she pinched her nostrils to stifle. "He'Nxtttchhhhh" Megan started looking around for a few seconds as she did her it, but then she just thought it was a false alarm, Katniss was relived. However, this would only last a few seconds because that tickle not only came back, but it was three times stronger then ever before. She didn't even have time to prepare as a fit sprung upon her. "He'ETCHHHEWWWW! ESSHHEWWWWW! ETCHHHHEWWWW! He'NGGXTTTCHHUHH He'NGXXXTT" She tried stifling the last two but it didn't really matter anymore.

"Hey wake up everybody!" Megan yelled alarmingly.

"What is it Megan?" Asked the blonde guy.

"I heard somebody around her sneeze, I think it was Katniss." Replied Megan.

"Alright everybody search around." Ordered the dark haired guy.

Katniss knew she had to get out of there quick. Another sneeze was fast approching and if she sneezed again it might do her in for good. When everybody was not looking Katniss quietly leaped out of the tree. She started running as fast as she could the opposite way from them without turning back. After a few minutes of running she knew they were long behind her and she could finally let that annoying tickle out of her nose once and for all. "He'ETTTCHHEWWW! ESCCHEWWW!ESSCHEWWWW! He'ESSSCCHHEWWW! ETTCHHEWW! ATTTCHEEWWW! He'ESSSHHEWWWW ESHHHEWWW! Heh'he'ATTTCHEWWWWW!!!!!" After a nice long sneezing fit Katniss could finally relax. She was safe. For now.

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When I saw the film I remember thinking that it would be hot for Katniss to have a sneezing fit while trying to hide from the others... :) You should continue - the scenario is great for more 'sneezing while hiding' moments ;)

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She couldnt relax forever though as she spotted a trail of footsteps not even 3 feet behind her. Katniss decided to follow the footsteps as it might lead her to Peeta who she hoped to find and team up with. She followed the trail of footsteps for what seemed like forever but they finally led her into a small, underground pit. It was also very dark in their as not much sunlight got through. Katniss wanted to be careful just in case it was not Peeta in their so she quietly snuck in with her bow and arrow in her hands. Her foot knocked into a backpack so that meant their was someone else in their too. She kept tiptoeing around not wanting whoever else was in their to her her footsteps. However, once again her allergies were acting up once again at an inoppritune time. All of the dust underneath the pit was getting into her sensitive nostrils. She tried pinching her nostrils but that meant she couldn't shoot the bow and arrow if she had too. Katniss was sniffing quietly but she was just making it worse for herself. Then the tickle just overpowered her. She had no chance to even half-stifle. "ESSCCHHEWWWWWW!" She jerked over at the waist and let out one, thunderous sneeze. The other person in the pit was now alerted that their was someone else in their. The shadow started walking towards Katniss as she tried to hide behind a wall. Once again her nose started acting up. Katniss knew she wouldn't last forever so she tried let out quiet stifles. "He'NXXTCHH! He'NGGXT! He'NGXTTCHH!" They were quiet but not quiet enough for the other person to hear.

"Katniss, is that you?" Said the voice.

"Peeta?" Asked Katniss.

"Yep, it's me." Replied Peeta.

"Oh thank goodness." Said a relieved Katniss.

"I was startled from your sneeze."

"Yeah my nose is just really acting up." Katniss said as she was still rubbing her nose.

"I figured out it was you when I heard you stifle those three sneezes because I've heard you stifle like that before." Peeta said.

"Everybody knows my trademark sneezes!" Laughed Katniss.

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