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Wild Drabble Appeared [17/100] Updated 1/02 (back to FMA we go)


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Yes. I've started another one. And yes, the title is a pokemon reference because I am a goddamn pokenerd and I will forever support it and - er this isn't what the thread is about. This is my attempt at the 100-drabble challenge. I'm not posting the list because it isn't formatting correctly here and I'm too much of a lazy ass turtle bumpkin to make it work. So I will just learn somehow to change the title to reflect how many drabbles I've completed. And err...if anybody would like me to, um, I'd love to write r-r-requests...even if it didn't work on the HP thread much...Um uh...here have the first two before I keep rambling o 3 o

Fandom: Kuroshitsuji
Word Count: 134

Observing that the door to his study was suspiciously ajar, Ciel Phantomhive strolled past with an especially discerning eye to see what in the world that butler of his was up to. The answer became apparent once the boy heard a distinct low, mewling sound.

“My, my. Aren’t you just delightful?” A light chuckle echoed around the walls. Fortunately, it was just light enough so that the red-eyed gentleman heard a single annoyed click of a tongue, followed shortly by an equally irritated quickening of breath and a short “hihnnKSH” after which came four more. Making use of this time to hide the soft, playful creature in his own room, the butler voiced a “Bless you, young master” and went on with his daily cleaning as though nothing out of the ordinary had happened.

Fandom: Kuroshitsuji
Word Count: 170

“This dessert is terrible.” Ciel placed his silver spoon back on the plate, which he thrust away from himself in disgust. “What did you put in it?”

“I used fresh strawberries picked from a strawberry farm, chocolate made from the finest cacao beans, milk from the most well-fed cow—“

“It was the milk.” The boy cleared his throat several times as he adjusted his ribbon. “Take this away and make me something else to eat.”

“Young master, does your throat feel uncomfortable?”

“For what reason do you need to know that?”

“It appears that you have caught a slight cold, and it would be best if I knew your present condition in order to make you a suitable dessert.”Ciel expressed his displeasure in the inquiry of his health by creasing his brow and making a snappy remark about getting his dessert ready quickly. Sebastian bowed and made to leave the room, but not before he heard a tiny, haughty sniff and several itchy, muffled coughs into a handkerchief.

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These are so cute! I especially liked the first one, and how Sebastian hid the cat after Ciel's sneezing fit. xD I know I've said this a bunch of times before, but even though these are little snippets, the details you provide are just right. Enough so it's a clear image of what's going on, but nothing excessive. Your writing feels so natural. I love that you started a thread for the challenge and anime fandoms here. You can bet I'll be lurking around it as frequently as you'll be posting. xD

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YAAAAAYYY!!!!!! Kuroshitsuji~~ <33333333 I love Ciel!! But...um...if you don't mind me asking...could we have some...Sebi-chan? Please?? *hides from Sebi's butter knives*

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Sooo, I clicked on this because I thought it was gonna be Pokémon drabbles... lol XDDD

I'm not into "Kuroshitsuji" (and yes, I know how dang popular it is!), but cuuute~ nonetheless. :) Great job; I hope you keep it up!

Also, I give huge props to anybody who writes drabbles. My own stories always come out so stupidly long. ^^; Again, awesome work!

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@ElementsofGray: Just the kind of thing Sebby would do! mehehe I giggle when I reread your praise LOL I *may* throw in a few originals that have no where else to go.

@Akahana: Believe me, I'm trying! /stabbed by Sebas-chan's fork.

@Natsuko: Haha, yeah I felt like the title was a tad misleading...but whatchagunnado about it I desperately wanna change the title so it says how many updates I have T u T Thanks for reading and commenting!

@greetingsfromboston: DO IT DO IT!


Yay so I have three new ones. Don't shoot me for the second.


63 – Control

Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist

Word Count: 176 [WOOHOO ALMOST 100]

“Brother, you should rest today,” Alphonse Elric said worriedly. His metal arms clanged together noisily as he shifted his hands.

“Just stop making that sound and I’ll be fine,” Edward growled in reply. He grinded the heel of his human hand against his forehead and willed the ache to go away. It wasn’t that bad; he’d had worse. It was just harder to keep his voice and physical appearance in check than it was to do the same for battle wounds. He couldn’t keep from the purple bags under his eyes, which kept insisting on closing, nor could he stop his stupid nose from streaming. It was a losing battle all the way, but he had to at least act like he was in control.

Sniffing, he rose from his seat and marched out the door, no doubt to head out for work as usual. Al sighed and followed suit; there was no arguing with his brother until he broke down on his own. Until then, the younger brother will have to look out for him.

61 – Idiot

Bashing: Read it and guess. :D

Word Count: 461 [i had too much fun]

It’s been hours. All I can do is stare out my window and hope I’ll see him, his deep, golden eyes, his beautiful face like a god’s. My computer is on and in the corner one of the little white digits flash and turn to four. The sun will rise in about an hour. My eyes dart away from the windowsill to the still-dark sky. They flit back, and then I see it. What I’ve been waiting for the entire night, and maybe my whole life.

He is standing there in all his glory, golden eyes beckoning me closer. Tonight I’ll get to the bottom of everything. I walk like I’m hypnotized into unlocking the window and letting him in.

As he vaults in, he growls, “About time, it’s fucking freezing out there. You really just don’t think do you?”

“I—what?” Something is wrong.

“I mean, I stood out there for hours. You think I wouldn’t be cold? You couldn’t just LOOK outside your window? Do you have to wait for everything to walk up to you and sit in your lap before you notice it?”

“No, Edward, what are you saying—“

“I’m saying it’s about—huhh—time that yuhh-you realized just Hah-how stupid you uhh—are—heh’GHKK! Ugh.” He swipes a curled hand from his elegant chalk-white nostrils. I hesitate to say it, but I have to know what he is.

“I-I know what you are.” There, I’d said it.

“No shit, you do. Half of Forks knows what we are. The real question is what the fuck you are, because my mind-reading powers don’t work on your crazy, twisted brain.” He exhales on his hands and rubs them together. “Don’t you even have heating in this godforsaken room? My god, it’s fucking colder in here than it was when I died. HuhIGNkk! eh-IHKkk!—uuhh.”

I stare at him and then did the only thing I can think of. I step closer to him and lean in, fluttering my eyes shut and murmuring, “Edward…”

“What the fuck are you doing, you crazy bitch! I don’t want you touching me. Do you think a refined man like me wants anything to do with some delusional, self-pitying teenager?” I don’t understand what’s going on. He was waiting for me wasn’t he?

“You’re nuts,” I tell him as coldly as I can. I flip my hair for good measure.

“No, kid, you are. I’m here to tell you to quit lusting for me because it will never happen.” In a flash, he disappears outside, glinting faintly in the rising sun, which was for once freed from usual gloomy clouds. One of the digits on my computer changes to five. I climb into my bed. This was probably all just a dream.

46 – Enraptured



She watched him put his hand to his face and close his eyes. His features trembled slightly; then he snapped forward. His hand fell back to his side, signifying his finish, but his face suggested otherwise. She smiled furtively. Only she would know. She lowered her arm and reached for her camera.

He raised his hand once more. She was ready. She cast a quick glance around the room, but kept one eye on him. She might miss it. His eyelids fluttered, his raised hand hesitant. Her camera was ready and poised. Then the thin thread holding them snapped, and a click sounded to capture the treasured moment.


meep. share your fandoms with me :D

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I love you more every time you update (never mind the fact that this is only the second one xD)!

When you said to guess the second fandom/bashing, I didn't even think of what it actually was. I was like "...So...is this a reader x Ed Elric fic?" Because I'm just that oblivious that the only Edward that ever enters my mind is from FMA. XD It took me till about 2/3 of the way through the thing before I actually figured out it wasn't him. |||OTL But then it just made me laugh. X3

I love the actual Ed Elric one, though, and especially how he's like "I'll be fine if you stop making that sound" when Al clanks around. I dunno why, that was just the highlight for me. xD

And the last one, too, even without knowing exactly who those characters are (or if you just wrote them up without any specific characters in mind) was awesome. The guy's sneezing sounds so cute, I don't blame the girl for snapping pictures of it. :D

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*is laughing hysterically*

OMG, I love you Emily. So much. :heart:

Hmm, I think I may have to look into Fullmetal Alchemist. I hate not knowing fandoms. :lol:


bye. :wub:

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ElementsofGray - SAAAME. XDDD But come on! It's really misleading when you read the first one then the second and ajdkladkljaskfljkldasjlfk...

Dude, you're doing such a great job! Definitely hope you keep it up! :D


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Because I felt obligated to update even with a tiny drabble. ; 3 ; It's been too long.

@Elements: dude, first, I shall apologize because I haven't responded to you yet LOL second rereading your comments make me too happy for my own good and I am happy and I will remain happy until I start doing calculus homework. And about Edward Elric, I liked that part too. :3 Annoyed sarcastic comments when they're sick make me happy too. :>


@Natsuko: = w = My bad heheh. I was hoping my hints weren't too subtle...guess they were. (almost done with a Hetalia drabble! 8D)


This doesn’t really match with any of my drabble prompts so I suppose I’ll have to make one up myself:

101 – Selfless

Fandom: Aladdin [okay yes, I am a Disney nerd. Yes, I still have a crush on Aladdin.]

Word Count: 172

“What is it, Abu?” Aladdin sat up tiredly from his bundle of rags he used as a bed. He watched the monkey chatter noisily for a few moments and decided whatever he was talking about could wait until morning. “Tell me later.” He crumpled into a misshapen ball and shivered a little as the cold night winds of Agrabah whipped his threadbare back.

Several seconds later, he was aroused again by the little monkey, who was urgently screeching and pointing at something he clearly deemed important.

“Okay, okay, I’m up, quit pulling my hair!” He blinked sleepily, rubbing his wrist against his running nose. “What do you want me to see?”

Still chattering, Abu scurried over to the large opening and pointed a furry finger at something orange. As Aladdin squinted at it, he thought it strangely resembled—

“Fire!” Without a second word, he grabbed the little ape and slid down the steps, thinking nothing of the stabbing cold wind. Aladdin certainly had no worldly possessions to speak of, but others did.

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I LOVE that this is Aladdin. It's not the first time I've imagined him sneezing. ;) So much anticipation for that might happen if he's sick! And this scenario, I don't even...Will there be a continuation?

Also, no worries about not responding! I know I sent you about a hundred miles of text, so if you don't have enough time to reply, I totally understand. :)

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And this scenario, I don't even...Will there be a continuation?

^This. This so much. Please. Pleasepleasepleaseplease. OMG, I am freaking in love with, like, almost every Disney prince with Aladdin and Flynn Rider (Eugene Fitzherbert :wub: ) being my absolute favorites. If you continued this, I may explode. Mmmm. Love this so hard. :drool:


P.S. Oh, and I am so sorry I'm taking forever to edit our story. Apparently, my teachers want to kill my social life (if I had one :lol: ).

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Hey, here's a person who hasn't updated her own thread with a story in, like, TWO MONTHS. It definitely has not been "too long" for you. XDDD We will always be ecstatic over any update you post. :)

I just love the variety of series you're giving us. That's really awesome.


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@Elements: T w T Yes, I do plan on continuing it. I'm in a bit of a block right now (terrible, considering NaNo is in like what, two days) so everything I write sounds bad LOL Aladdin included. It's been three weeks; this is what I meant by getting discouraged by walls of text LOL I hope Inuyasha can appease your wrath heart.gif

@VividBubbles!: IT WILL BE CONTINUED! biggrin.png (just like everything else I post and never finish LOL)

@Natsuko: :> nah man. I have two or three stories I posted here that I have never completed and it's been at least a year since heh. I'm glad you like the variety!


Anyone who's by the East Coast of America, stay safe! (Hope you stocked up on bread, water, and ramen like I did)


68 – Attitude

Fandom: Inuyasha

Word Count: 399

Inuyasha was perched atop a boulder on a hill, looking down glumly at the raindrops sliding in rivulets along his sword. It appeared about as sorry as it did when he first received it; thin, jagged, and rusted. He’d been trying all afternoon to get it to transform into its majestic powerful form, but he could barely swing the damn thing without stumbling, so he’d given up hours ago and resigned himself to sulking in the rain. He shivered as a gust of wind roared over him. Being human sucked.


“What?” he growled as he turned to Kagome. His day’s failures had left him in a bitter, reproachful mood. “What do you want?” He swiped a clawless hand beneath his reddened nose, looking grumpier than he usually did when he was in human form. Kagome retreated for a second, and then decided that she was used to dealing with an irritable half-demon anyway. She could handle this. Without another thought, she pressed her hand on Inuyasha’s pallid face.

“Wha-mmph!” Kagome had timed it just right so that the moment his mouth opened in protest, she stuck a thermometer in his mouth.

“Don’t move,” she warned. A tense five seconds passed as Inuyasha glared at her angrily through tired violet eyes. She refused to break eye contact with him until the thermometer beeped its reply, and she removed it from his mouth.

“Thirty-nine degrees,” she read, frowning. “I told you practicing with Tetsusaiga would get you sick. And you’re in human form!”

Inuyasha growled something unintelligible, then aimed his head away from Kagome hastily, face crumpling. He squinted his eyes and his nose wrinkled before he snapped forward into the open air.

hahJHISTshUH!—huhtCH-chUH!—uh’JHISHoo!” He kept his face hidden from Kagome’s view, but she could still see the rugged blush creeping from his cheeks to his ears. He felt a cool, slender hand brush his hair back gently. His eyes closed and, in an instant he regretted the moment he enjoyed her touch. He pulled back and swiped her hand away.

“Don’t touch me,” he snarled.

“Look me in the eyes and say it.”


“Inuyasha, please, just come inside with me and rest,” Kagome pleaded softly.

An eternity seemed to have passed until the obstinate half-demon finally tilted his head in surrender. A blurred shadow trailed behind the two as they disappeared in the rain over the hill.

2 – Celebration

Fandom: Hetalia (for Natsuko, even though this is badly written V __ V I admit I only watched one season)

Word Count: 396

“I brought hamburgers!”

“I have fried rice and dumplings aru!”

“And I made paaaaaastaaaa!”

A war had just ended, and the allied nations were celebrating by throwing a potluck party in London. England had yet to show up, so the other nations were showing off their homemade concoctions. China glanced at the hamburgers distastefully.

“America, you can’t possibly make us eat those. There’s a reason your sizing charts don’t match up with ours.”

America tsk-tsked, wearing his obnoxiously annoying grin. “Never bothered me, dude.” He unzipped his leather jacket casually, revealing his toned stomach. “Whatever, let’s eat!”

“Wait, what about England, aru?”

Scoffing, America shoved a mouthful of rice down his throat and said in a muffled voice, “That old man won’t mind us sneaking a bite or fifty before he gets here. What he doesn’t know won’t kill ‘im.” He swallowed, licked his lips and pondered. “This needs more pepper!”

“I have peppeeeeeeeer!” Italy slid across the floor, brandishing eight varieties of pepper. “Jan jan!” He tossed all eight bottles to America, who suddenly realized where this was heading.

“Dude, that’s going to—“

The bottles shattered upon impact with the floor and it took all but a second for a massive cloud of pepper to spread over the entire room, enveloping all three countries in a mess that spelled trouble.

“M-my—hihTCHii! Huh’tshi! My chao fanhh’hhih-HETschii! D-doesn’t n-need pepper—hahttCHiu!

Peppeeeer! Is this enough, America?” Italy disappeared into the pepper cloud.

“D-dAHCHiah! Dude! That’s enough pepper! GEH-SCHehhh!”

Ai-yaaah! England is c-coming! Hih’CH-chi!”

“Italy, get rid of this damn th-thing—eh’CHUHh!”

“What in God’s name—you idiots, what are you doing!” England opened the door, entering the dissipating mass of pepper. “What is this blasted smoke?” He waved his free arm around to fan it out of his face.

“Peppeeeer!” Italy announced gleefully, scampering across the floor. The cloud was finally clearing away, revealing a sheepish America and a still-sneezing China.

“England, what took you so long, old man? We already started eating, man,” America said, grinning and dusting off his jacket. “Have some rice!”

“I can feed myself, thank you,” England replied, taking a spoonful of China’s fried rice. He pondered for a moment as he let it sit on his tongue. He swallowed and dabbed his mouth with his handkerchief before giving his verdict.

“It needs a tad more pepper, I believe.”



also, I just realized this like now but Italy is actually an Axis power. but being Italy, he will crash and eat pasta wherever the heck he wants and he likes parties so he will party with the Allies.

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YAY! Well, not yay for writer's block, but yay for continuation! I keep forgetting that NaNo is so soon! I haven't even picked which novel idea I'm going to use. :lol: Don't worry, answer whenever you feel like (and you don't have to reply to every bit of the PM if you don't want, I just write a lot because...well, I'm bad at being concise ^^'). And Inuyasha appeases my nonexistent wrath, I LOVE Inuyasha fics (even though I've not yet gotten far into the series). I've also barely gotten into Hetalia, but I really think this one sounded pretty darn good outside your head, too. :D

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First and foremost, I like reading things that'll make me laugh. Well, let me tell you, I LAUGHED. LIKE A PERSON QUITE UNWELL IN THE BRAIN. You, ma'am, get a gold star for this. :D

Thank you so much for this; it really was a treat to read. Totally made my day~ <333 And your Inuyasha drabble was as lovely as all your others. Please keep up the great work, and looking forward to your next one. :)


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EMILY!!!!!!!!!!! I have been sorely remiss in neglecting to comment on here before now!!! sadsmiley.gif LOL but hopefully better late than never, right? heh.gif

THESE ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jumpy.gifmf_laughbounce2.gifbiggrin.png I love love love your style, and all of these are just so cute and funny and squee-worthy... :') I especially loved your Ed one and your Aladdin one~ And that Inuyasha one you just posted killed me with awesome!!!!!!!!! biggrin.png Thank you so much for writing these! I look forward to more happy.png

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but I have no time to respond = 3 = technically I shouldn't have been skiving off writing this but well muses come and go and it came today

55 – Ruin


Word Count: 344

“The hell ye think yer doing?” came a woman’s voice, laced with pure disgust, from the falling-apart door.

“Writing,” was the dark-haired young man’s simple response. His nose was nearly touching the yellowed paper, until his head dropped so low that the ink splashed across his spectacles. “Oh, no!” He frantically attempted to rub the specs the clean, but his dusty, tattered shirt only succeeded in scratching the poor quality lenses. He jammed them back on top of his nose, dust and ink and all, and proceeded to dip his pen in the inkwell. Mid-sentence, he paused, nostrils flaring ever so slightly. As was common in his day, he made no move to cover his mouth and instead let loose an exaggerated “huh’IPPSHHahh!” all over his paper. His hand upset the inkwell, whose black ink mixed in very nicely with the spray across his writing. “M-my writing! My w-w-work!” In a desperate attempt to mop up the mess, he sneezed again. And as common sense was a rarity in his home, he still didn’t turn away from the mess of ruined papers, and his fit of “he’IHHSHIEWww” completely destroyed his slim chance of saving his hard work.

The woman at the door shook her head and walked away, muttering darkly. “S’no wonder we’re broke. Can’t e’en get yerself a decent payin’ job.” She turned back around and glared at him. “Ye want ter follow yer dreams? Ye said ye’d get us a manor, a big one, nice an’ tall, wi’ a garden fer me. Where’re we now? A broken down shack wi’ barely enough food ter survive, no children, an’ no money.” He turned to look at her and started to say something, perhaps words of console. “I regret e’er marryin’ ye, John Bakerman.”

He watched her walk away, shut his mouth and continued to mop his desk clean. He threw away the dripping wreck. This story was no good after all. He bit his lip and took out the last few sheets of yellowed paper that he had scrounged from a nobleman’s garbage.


back to my history paper.

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Awwwww. Poor thing.

Hence why God invented computers. And the Remington bull-action rifle. So that man could write stories without worrying about sneezing. And then fight the dinosaurs. And the homosexuals.


GO STUDY EM! Go commit genocide on that history paper!!!

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This was adorable. And a little bit sad. But still so cute. And why am I imagining Daniel Radcliffe as John? ;) Now go complete the heck out of that history paper! Show it who's boss, Emily. :P

BYE! :bleh:

P.S. Your pic. The duck. It's adorable. :heart:

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These are lovely! I specially love the Inuyasha one *love Inuyasha* just a pointer for the future, Inuyasha's eyes are Yellow ^^ not violet

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