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Surreal elevator obs (f)


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So, I was at a hotel the other day and I got onto the elevator with a couple of other guests. When the doors opened to the lobby for us to get on, there were already 2 girls inside, clearly lost (they'd hit the button too late and had travelled down instead of up to their floor). As we piled in and the doors shut, the one girl had her hand pinched to her nose and she said in a panicked, breathy voice 'Oh God. Oh God."

The way she turned away from everyone to the wall and the way she was holding her nose, I thought she had a nosebleed (or was possibly having a claustrophobic panic attack) but she sniffed very wetly and repeated "Oh God...oh no". She sniffed again, still wet. At this point, I was sure it was a nosebleed but then she bent forward, towards the elevator wall and sneezed harshly. It was like a rough, desperate EHHTSCHGHTT! as she tried to hold it back but it tore out of her.

Afterwards she sniffled and said "oh my gosh, I'm so sorry guys. Ugh, I'm so sorry." Again, a few seconds later, she sneezed a second, much less desperate sneeze a little quieter but still ticklish and harsh Hurhh-sghtt!! Again, she apologized profusely, clearly embarrassed but no one on the elevator seemed to mind and didn't really understand why she was apologizing so much! It wasn't as if she was sneezing on us or anything!

She sneezed a third time as we reached my floor. I would've played a tricky game and stayed on the elevator to see the rest of the spectacle up to her floor several stories above mine, but I was with a group of a few people and had to get off.

It was a totally surreal, bizarre obs, but a good one!

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Holy motherf- ! That's amazing! Absolute dream scenario right there!! shocking.gif

The tight space, the inevitability, , the panic, the embarrassment, the apologies. It's all there! I'd have milked that elevator ride for as long as I could, that's just too good. So jealous right now, Dusty. bleh.gif

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I love the messy desperation of the first sneeze, and her vain attempt to hold it back. I wonder what caused her to sneeze like that but regardless it sounds like a truly beautiful sight to behold. Jealous.

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Ahahaha damn. I guess she was panicking because people might get weirded out about stuff like that in close quarters. And even if nobody looked like they were grossed out or bothered she might have still worried about it.

That's cute though! And the desperation with which she tried to stop herself... rawr.

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Fantastic obs! Can this prove the existence of the fabled sneeze phobia? Otherwise, the only explanation is that she was one of us, as no one else in the universe would try to draw so much attention to something everyone else wouldn't even notice.

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Count, I think she was just embarrassed by what seemed like a type of fit she'd had before and she knew was going to be loud with several sneezes. A bit overdramatic, maybe.

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Haha, I apologize when I sneeze too sometimes, even around my significant other. I don't know why. I just feel kind of embarrassed I guess, and then I feel like apologizing.

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