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An old game I used to play with my parents, with a little twist thrown in to make it playable online.

Take the second letter of your user name (if the second character in your user is a number, take the letter that the name of that number starts with (example, for 1, it would be O)), and try to think of one of all of these that start with that letter







Boy name:

Girl name:



If someone else has already done your letter, try to come up with all different ones :D


Color: Chartreuse

Animal: Chameleon

Mineral: Calcium

Drink: Champagne

Food: Cheese

Place: China

Boy Name: Caleb

Girl Name: Cristina

Band: Cake

Song: Can't Help Falling In Love (Elvis)

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Drink- Bacardi

Food- Banana

Place- Boston

Boy name- Bret

Girl name- Britney

Band- Black Dahlia Murder

Song- Burritos (Sublime)

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This looks like fun~

Color: Lavender

Animal: Leopard

Mineral: Lime

Drink: Lemonade

Food: Lo Mein

Place: Louisiana

Boy name: Luke

Girl name: Loretta

Band: (The) Lumineers

Song: Little Talks

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Color: Ochre

Animal: Octopus

Mineral: Obsidian

Drink: Ouzo

Food: Omelette

Place: Osaka

Boy name: Oliver

Girl name: Ophelia

Band: Oomph!

Song: Orchid (Alanis Morissette)

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Cool idea! B)

Color: Aquamarine

Animal: Anaconda


Drink: Apple juice

Food: Alfalfa

Place: Amhurst

Boy name: Andrew

Girl name: Alicia

Band: Amorphis

Song: An die Arbeit! (Wir sind Helden)

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Color: Indigo

Animal: Impala

Mineral: Illite

Drink: Italian wine

Food: Ice Cream

Place: Ialysos

Boy name: Inigo Montoya

Girl name: Igritte

Band: I am Spartacus

Song: (A day) in the life :innocent:

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Really? I have to use the letter 'U'?! Couldn't have made this easy, huh? LOL

Color: Unmellow Yellow (Crayola crayons)

Animal: Urchin

Mineral: Unakite - an opaque mineral that is green with patches of red and pink (source: enchantedlearning dot com)

Drink: (An) Un-opened bottle of pop

Food: Undercooked chicken

Place: Upper Canada

Boy name: Ulysses

Girl name: Ursula

Band: U2

Song: Underneath It All (No Doubt)

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**Boy... my screen-name is So long... tonguesmiley.gif **


Color: mauve

Animal: mongoose

Mineral: mica

Drink: milk

Food: mussels (mmmmm.... Yummy!!)

Place: Michigan

Boy name: Michael (favourite boy name)

Girl name: McKayla

Band: Metalica

Song: Music of the Night

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Color: Ultramarine Blue

Animal: Unicorn (they DO exist)

Mineral: Umber

Drink: Ultimate chocolate martini

Food: Ugli fruit

Place: United States

Boy name: Usher

Girl name: Uma

Band: Uncle Kracker

Song: Unchained Melody

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