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Up at night w/ a cold . . . random ramblings


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Hello! Well I'm up at 3am browsing the forum due to being too stuffed up and feverish to sleep, so it seemed like a good time for an obs. That said, the cold I've got is practically useless for the purposes of this forum - barely any sneezing at all! I stifled two completely silent ones at a play in a drafty room this evening, and as far as I remember those may have been the only ones all day :( Actually wish I could have been sneezing more; anything to get some relief from the contant, throbbing congestion and at least get some pleasure out of this; arghh.

Unlike others who've picked up stuff from friends and co-workers; I think I went out and got this one all by myself, genius that I am. I put it down to the crazy changing weather. It all started on wednesday went I took a train into the city. Although I'd originally meant to bring a jacket it was so, so hot mid-day I couldn't face the thought of even walking around carrying it, and figured I'd be OK without. Ooops. Sniff. Everything was fine that afternoon, but I found out about a get-together that would be happening in the evening at a pub which I really wanted to attend, both for fun and for contacts. Although by five or six I had the tired, really wanting to go home feeling, I fought it decided to stay on in the city, taking refuge in the local bookstore to pass the time between my afternoon appointment and evening plans. Guess that was the fatal mistake and it was just freezing in there! [OMG; side note; just sneezed first real sneeze of the day while writing the above!! Felt delicious and actually cleared me up for a moment. You know how when you have a cold your singing voice gets lower and huskier? Well, my sneeze was just like that - sorta low tone and husky sounding, powerful with rattling chest congestion . . . it sounded, well, serious, like it meant business. Wonder if there'll be more??] ANYWAY, to quickly finish my tail of woe by the time felt the freezing store and walked thirty (!) blocks to where I was headed in the suddenly much cooler evening air, my throat had begun to tickle. Stopped off for some losenges, and was surprised that I sounded a bit hoarse already when talking the the clerk.

Actually felt fine the rest of the evening and thoroughly enjoyed the event, but guess that damage was done, alas. Progessivly sorer throat evey day from thurs to sat. and by sunday morning when I woke up I'd begun to feel feverish and had that feeling like there were knives back there. As luck would have it, that was the day I'd planned a two and half hour trip to meet up w/ an old friend who I hadn't seen in almost 10 years. I was torn as she has two young kids and hte last thing I wanted to do was get them sick w/ whatever yucky thing I was developing, but then again she was only going to be that close geographically for the day; if I cancelled we might not see each other for another 10 years. So I sucked it up, and compromised by spending extra money to drive instead of taking the cheaper bus, as I can at least control temperature in my car. By loading up on aspirin and cough drops I managed to have a pretty good time; I told her right off the bat that I was a bit sick and didn't want to hug the kids etc, but she probably thought I was a bit of a hypocondriac lol as I had no visible symptoms . . . YET.

Of course by the ride home, whatever had been building for days FINALLY began to make it's way towards my nose, as the ache in my throat subsided and I began with a few wet sneezes. Not many, sadly, but by the time I went to bed I was having issues breathing properly through my nose and when I woke up this morning . . . oy gevult. They say congestion is swelling and that's what this cold has felt like; not even any sneezing this morning; just that awful feeling of aching, intense congestion, the kind that takes over your whole face, with a throbbing headache, hot feverish feeling, throbbing eyes and gums, and while I miraculously had one nostril open for breathing, the other was thoroughly blocked, so much so that blowing my nose was a totally pointless excersize; I felt exactly the same after as before! Thankfully I had not plans 'til a get-together with the parents around five, so I stumbled downstairs and spent the day huddled under blankets, popping pills at way more than the recommended dosage, and becoming extemely well-informed on the day's current political events. I felt pretty OK with all those pills I was popping, but despite the absurd dosages I still couldn't clear or even properly blow my nose - I can't even imagine what this cold without meds would have been like; I'd probably be borderline delerious!

Of course I considered cancelling my plans w/ my parents, but then again I hadn't seen them for a while, we were going to a play I'd been pretty curious about, I was getting pretty sick of watching dumb tv in sweats and it would be kinda nice to shower, put on some decent clothes, get some fresh air, etc. MISTAKE. I was actually completely out of tissues and cold meds so popped by the drug store on my way over. Of course my nose starts to run as soon as I enter the store and I've got zip to deal w/ it other than wiping it w/ my hand - yuck. Wind up asking "whare arb de tishhuesth??" in a comical voice to the clerk and then waiting in a rediculously long line w/ my hand over my nose. By the time I get to pay and am being asked whether I have a RIght-Aid card I want to scream - "can you let me just pay so I can blow my da__ nose already!!" Jeez.

Of course like most folks here I hate being sick in front of my parents, and as for trying to hide this thing . .. . . uh NO. My cover was blown by around five minutes into the car ride when I felt a sudden desperate tickle in my throat while recounting some story and launched into a silent coughing fit which made my lose my voice completely which is impossible to hided when you're in the midst of telling a darn story. So the truth was out

I've gone on WAY too long, so I'll spare anyone who's still reading this w/ the details of the drafty auditorium, unpredictably dripping nose so had to have a tissue in reserve at all times, mouth breathing, unintelligible plot, parental concern, etc, etc. Don't even want to think about it. YUCK.

ANYWAY, am safely home now and rather peacefully typing away on here and actually feeling much better! No major incidents since the above-described sneeze and my head is feeling alot clearer, though mouth-breathing is still necessary, alas. But baby steps are good enough for me. Wonder if I dare attempt to lie down and sleep again?? Hmmm . . . maybe some orange juice and late night tv might be nice . . .

Well this has been fun to write if not to read, lol. Forgive my ramblings, and good night, all!

P.S. How is it that in the 5 minutes it took me to read over the above mess, I'm twice as congested as I was before??? Is writing on here some kind of cold therapy??? Do I need more meds?? Just blew my nose to try and clear it but in vain :( Why oh why me????

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