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I haven't seen anyone do this yet. I thought it would be interesting and I can post my RL obs later. But anyway, I thought it would never happen but last night I had two separate dreams that dealt with an allergenic and sickness. What the luck!

The first dream was with a boy I didn't even know. He was hiding from the Mafia or some shit and had his cat with him but he ended up hiding in a closet. He complained how dusty it was and kept sneezing several times, "Oh god...this room is so dusty....I'b gonna sneeze...K-choo! A-choo! As-choo!" He did this very quietly and even tried to stifle.

Unfortunately that's the only good dream I've had in a long time. The second dream involved me and my boyfriend talking on Skype, and his nose was red as hell. He kept sniffing and kept a tissue in his hand the whole time and blew constantly. I think he held back a couple sneezes, but they never actually came out. Damn. =P

So what do you think? Interesting, huh? I hope to have more dreams and real life situations like this in the future!

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I've had sneezing related dream once in my life when I was five or six.

I don't think I've ever seen "a dream ob" here before, but this one was more then welcome... and very nice indeed. :blushing:

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My best sneeze dream was this hot guy coming out of the shower naked and doing a double into a towel...totally naked. And uh...well...if I described further it'd be 18+ :P

But I actually have lots of sneeze dreams :o

Yours sounded fun! Hiding in a closet with an allergy boy mmm

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Cool! I have dreams about sneezing too, I kinda thought I was the only weirdo. :D Mine are about both me sneezing (usually multiple times, which never happens in real life, and being around people) and about other people sneezing that are made up.

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I've never had any dreams with sneezing obs from others. But I do remember one dream I had in which I sneezed a bunch of times from being photic, even though I'm not photic in real life.

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