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Some boyfriend obs


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Ok so I have had a couple of observations with my boyfriend. Unfortunately, he doesn't sneeze much, I wish I did, it's really uber cute. jump.gif

The first one happened a last year. He did cross country and he had to compete in this race. I thought it would be his last race so I decided to come and cheer him on. It was a very chilly day and the wind was very strong. Of course cross country only wears sleeveless shirts and shorts. So after he had to run around to complete the race. He came back panting, exhausted from the race. What surprised me that he sneezed several times, very loud and messy.


He squirted out some really gross snot that dripped to the ground. I didn't care, that stuff doesn't bother me (at least from him). He told me to get some tissues. I ran into the bathroom since it was the closest thing and grabbed some tissues, and I still heard him sneezing.

Two months later, we went on a school trip to check out this college. It was a shitty day and we have to constantly walk outside and go to a different room that constantly changed the temperature. I think that's how he started sneezing, because once we got back, he started to sneeze more like crazy. We had to go to the library, I heard him mutter this:

"Oh god....H--ESHCOO! ESHOO!"

A couple people blessed him, even me (which is what I rarely do). He didn't do this much when we were walking back, just sniffing and blowing his nose. What a disappointment. Both times it made me hot at the wrong time since there were other students, so it was awkward. I wish it would happen when we were hanging out but LOL.NOPE. :|

Oh well it'll happen someday, I hope :)

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Sounds good. ;)

Cheer up, the winter is coming and he seems to react on changes in temperature...

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