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How Much Would/Have You Spent on a single pack of Hankies


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I went into a posh tailors yesterday, in a decidedly not-posh town in West Yorkshire. I went looking for hankies, as tailors usually have some very smart ones, as did this place.

The only problem was that they had some nice hankies, but the prices were incredible. They were all packs of three, none of them very special, but one was £19.50, another was £25, none were under £15.

I decided against them, but wondered how they could get away with charging so much.

The most I will go for a pack of hankies is £10, and even then, they have to be special.

How much would you spend?

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I've spent $40 on a dozen extra-large handkerchiefs, 21 inches x 21 inches. Approximately 25 pounds at current exchange rate. But for a dozen, not three. And they are huge and long-lasting and give me a great sense of security. :-)

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Hi, I guess I have spent about 25 quid for three, which is possible, or 19 euros for one even on internet. The expensive ones are always very good, the cheaper ones can be excellent as well, but have also been of very mediocre quality.

Take care.

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