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Jessica Biel in "Easy Virtue";

count tiszula

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I can't find any reference to this film here, yet I can scarcely believe it has never been mentioned.

Quite by chance I caught it on tv at the weekend. The lovely Jessica Biel plays a character with hay fever and the plot involves a large conservatory. I was expecting a single establishing sneeze to go with the announcement of her hay fever, but NO. The sneezes continue, they are pretty well acted, with a range between stifled and quite loud, in fact it's one of the best collections I've seen in recent years. Inexplicably, I can't find any relevant clips on YouTube.

Although based supposedly on a Noel Coward play, the film is not very wonderful, apart from the sneezing, of course...

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Sadly not viewable outside the US, but it must be the right film. Now, some kind American person who is skilled in the art.............

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Do you remember how many sneezes there were because in this clip it shows two but neither are really stifled like you said.

This clips still really nice nonetheless.

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This was flagged up when the film came out. There was a link to a single clip - not sure if any other clips were around at the time. Old news, but there are always people who miss this stuff 1st time around.

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Thank you so much. Nice to see you, S L. Odd that I don't remember it from its first appearance.

It is an excellent film sneeze-wise. I put "stifled" because that seems to be the only tag describing a sneezing style.

I estimate a dozen sneezes over the middle hour of the film; possibly in threes, and a variety of styles, from stifled onwards. In fact it would be ideal for one of those compilation clips we all love so much................

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