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Snow - goes well with a cold


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Ok, so, I haven't painted much anything during the past couple of months, especially digital, and been quite enstranged from my fetish... but today when feeling a bit stressed, I remembered a good old way to relax - drawing a guy with a cold (a bad one aaevil.gif ) and a steaming tea cup.

No actual sneezing this time.


The character is Snow from Final Fantasy XIII. Because I've been playing the game with my friend, and because drawing naughty pics of game characters somehow always feels extra-naughty. heh.gif Dunno why, somehow they just feel especially untouchable.

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I love pale, beautiful blonds with red, runny noses. :twisted:

I second that, miss your stuff!

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Spoider - just reading those 3 adjectives made me shiver a bit :lol: Seriously, I just can't resist a beautiful man in a fragile state. Ghhh. Thank you! :D

Oh yeah Mouse - I love coldifying beautiful blondes. There's something special about that.

Pixie, thank you - I love drawing facial exp<b></b>ressions, especially fetishy ones!

VoOs, bwahahahaha I love those blondes too, the pale hair suits the colour of the nose :twisted:

Heheheheee, Locaboca! Glad to tickle your tastebuds.

Appleblossom - Isn't he just! :lol: The moment I saw the character I knew I should draw him sick with a cold. Actually, I still absolutely NEED to draw him bedridden and Hope trying his forehead. Bwahaha, actually, I have that one just open in my GIMP...

Need to draw a bit more of this dirt and then I can go back to what I SHOULD be drawing. Gahhh, I blame the friend who sticked that damn controller in my hands.

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Wow. Beautiful. Just...beautiful. Unnnffffff. <3 You amaze me! I'm still breaking the lurker habit... laughing.gif But today is is the day I tell you that I absolutely adore your art!

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Hurgnh, that look on his face is so - I want to jump his bones and coddle him all at the same time and I LOVE his hair good Lord. :heart:

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