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"Bless you Cupcake" (Self)


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Hey guys.

Me and my boyfriend (M) have just come back from a holiday in Wales. It was lovely.

The drop in climate has clearly affected me though. I seriously could not stop sneezing at all. I have regular sneezing fits which can be anything from 2-102. Quite normal for me :3

My boyfriend is so understanding and caring and says he finds my sneezing adorable ..and the fetish as well (I'm so lucky!!!) so anyway I'm bantering... Onto the obs...

M was downstairs. I heard him call me down from the kitchen. I ran down the stairs but only managed to get half way down as I felt that regular tickle, my breath hitched and I sneezed a massive triple. They were "HAAA-TISHOOOO's" I heard my cutie of a boyfriend say from the kitchen, which was a good 15-20 metres away "BLESS YOU CUPCAKE" I quite literally melted, I couldn't respond. It was so adorable and made me so happy. Hehe. He's so understanding.

I sneezed about another 20 times that night, mainly stifled.

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I quite literally melted

*Raises one eyebrow*

Nice observation :) you're right about the change in climate, I've noticed that lots of people get a cold immediately after returning from holiday

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