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Just... libraries. I mean I don't know if it's because London weather has shifted to grey again or if I'm just being rewarded for starting an essay a month early but there are an insane amount of beautiful women giving beautiful sneezes today.

And I'm not even in the bookshelves, where one might expect a lot of dust and dander. I'm in the nice clean study area and getting a lovely array if stuff.

Are libraries just prime targets for the lecherous among us? :laugh:

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I've also had some great observations at the library in the past

I think the situation appeals, at least in part, due to people trying to sneeze quietly with varying degrees of success.....

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And interestingly enough, I've just sat today for a few hours in a library, sneezing way more that is normal for me. Is it the dust or the lights, don't know, but surely it made the day somewhat more enjoyable.

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Ah yes, the joys of lurking in a place where people are supposed to be silent, listening out for the inevitable explosion as someone desperately tries to muffle or control their violent sneeze :D. Libraries have got to be one of the best places for observations... and I haven't even begun to talk about sneezy librarians yet ;) Maybe I'll save that for a fic...

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I loved sneezing in libraries when i was in school. Gave me an excuse to make noise then all the other kids would take advantage of it and were able to talk, then youd hear kids say bless you for minutes straight. Funny.

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Yes, the idea that you're meant to be quiet is good. There was a great multi syllable sneezer yesterday, last one being nice and girly. Lovely stuff.

But then I get to use the Maughn Library round room, which is a big, arcane looking silent study area arranged in a circle. Sit on the outer row and you get a cinematic experience.

I have definitely become more of a dick since first coming on this forum!

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I haven't had many awesome library experiences, but that's probably just because I was never much of a reader. Libraries still hold a special place in my head for nice, quiet fantasies being interrupted by sudden sneezes.

Maybe I'll write something...

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I wonder if anyone else has the feeling that there are more girls sneezing in a library than guys. I usually hear a lot of girl sneezes when I'm in the library, but hearing a guy sneezes is a very rare occassion. Maybe I go to the wrong library... :P

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