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Art (trade) Request~


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So... For once I know what I'm asking for when I post here and am seriously ready to do anything I can do in return. xD

Hmmn... If anyone could draw a picture of both Sebastian AND William, sick in bed at the same time. NO YAOI or anything like that. Just casual and random... For example from the Circus arc when they shared that tent and Sebastian slept in the lower bed and William in the upper one. Just random and casual.

OF COURSE if you want to write something inspired by that, I don't mind.

Please, someone. I can draw anything but furry/anthro. Or more like... I can try doing anything. Anything. *what do you mean desperate*


Though if you'd be interested in doing anything that has to do with the male characters of Kuroshitsuji and colds, ask away if we could do a trade or something.

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I am interested in trading if you wanted :) I haven't caught this until now and I apologize, and I understand if I have missed the opportunity!

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