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How would they blow?

The Dude

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Okay, the sneezers have this so I thought I'd start one here. You know the drill... post some celebrity, singer, author or other famous (or non-famous) person, and we all take turns speculating what their blows would be like. I'll go first:

Gwen Stefani


I say honker, because she does everything with emotion.

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Can we include fictional characters, as we do in the "how would they sneeze" thread? I'm going to assume yes when I reply...let me know if the answer is no.

I think Gwen Stefani would wipe her nose at first, and if that didn't accomplish it, she's blow really quickly, and loudly, into a crumpled tissue, and then store it in her pocket or purse.

Nara Shikamaru from Naruto?

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Hmmm, I'm not familiar with that series so I had to Google it. If I had to guess, I'd say strong and powerful, with both hands. :yes:


Lucy Liu?

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Katy Perry would probably have a wet, itchy sounding blow in which she would try to keep fairly quiet. Though it would require a lot of force and tissue covered nose rubbing to expel her stuffed nose.

Harry Potter? :love:

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Damn, this sounds fun! Okay..... Harry might either do a little shy, sniffly, congested little thing into a concealed hanky, or just conjure a hanky from nowhere like a boss and blow a great honk like there's no tomorrow. Depends on the day and mood. :lol1:

Loki from The Avengers?

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Loki would probably give a harsh honk

Jennifer Garner?....i think she would give one or two hard blows squinting her eyes with a loud harsh honk with each!

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Had to look her up, but I think Zooey Deschanel would blow her nose in a very soft, lady like way while somehow still being really attractive. Afterwards, she would fold the tissue in half and wipe her nose with it.

Hmm...I'll give you three options, since they're very closely related characters. Masky, Hoody, and/or Ticci-Toby from Creepypasta/MarbleHornets?

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Oh my gosh i love this topic. Masky, hoody and ticci toby would probably give a snotty quiet blow with maybe a little honking.

Soooo how do you guys think Leonardo Dicaprio would blow his beautiful nose?


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Evangeline Lilly would have a dainty feminine blow with two hands and would give quiet snotty blows. She might also switch sides during her nose blow and her nose would be red afterwards.

Ok i know i'm kind of hogging this forum but i have one more, Bill Hader. Seriously I've been wanting to see him blow his nose for years!!! a883f391f386826cb24b69b0235f41b2.jpg

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