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Sam starts rubbing his nose that morning before he even opens his eyes. He groans and shuffles to begin with, presses his nose against the heel of his hand. Within a few minutes he’s burrowing his nose into the pillow, still asleep as far as Dean can see. Dean’s seen this before. He rolls his eyes and grabs a roll of toilet paper from the bathroom to place next to Sam on his bed.

“You okay, Sammy?”

Sam huffs through his mouth and blinks sleepily at Dean. His eyes are watery. Dean rolls the paper around his hand and pulls a few sheets clean of the roll.

“EhhTHH’SHHhshyew!” Sam crunches forward, snatching at the toilet paper that Dean holds out to him.

“Bless you. Morning.”

Sam sniffs, wrinkles his nose and flops back against the bed, his eyes closed again already.

“Morning,” he mumbles.

Dean’s first reaction is to offer to grab Sam’s allergy meds from out in the car, but then he remembers they’re in Vegas, and actually, for once in their lives, in decent accommodation: fresh sheets every day, a shower that runs hot – the full works. This week, this one week in fifty-two shitty ones, they’re leaving all the crap behind, and that means dusty hotel room and cheap, shitty, floor cleaner as much as it does monsters and demons.


It’s so unexpected it actually makes Dean jump. When he looks back across at the Sam is propped up on his elbow sniffling into the toilet roll.

“Er… you okay, kiddo?”

“Mmm yeah…” He presses his nose against the heel of his hand and winces.

“You remember we’re in Vegas, right?”

AhhH’ESHhhYew!” He sniffs. “Er… yeah.”

“And that we’re in a shit fancy hotel room?”


“And there’s not a single damn thing in this place that you’re allergic to?”

Sam rubs at his nose with the back of his hand.

“I know, I know. We checked.”

“Are you sick?”

Sam frowns. “I don’t feel sick.” He unravels some more tissue from the roll. “Maybe I’m just sneezing.”

He tips his head back slowly with shallow, measured breaths. He lifts a weary hand and massages the bridge of his nose.

“HuhhESHH’SHYew! ESHHH’SHyew! HuhhESHHHhh! H’ESHH! Huh’TSHHhh! TCHhh! TCHhh! ISHHshYew! Ughhh… Fuck, No. I’m definitely allergic.”

He grabs at the toilet roll and blows his nose, springing up off the bed.

“Seriously Sam, I’m sure there’s nothing. I even got them to check the pillows and the cleaning fluid and stuff.”

Sam sniffs and wipes allergic tears from his cheeks. “HuhhhUSHHHHew! Ugh. No, there’s something.”

He starts in the bathroom, opening and closing drawers and cabinets, sniffing at the (fucking laundered) towels. Apparently satisfied with that, he inches his way around the bedroom, sneezing on and off into the back of his wrist. It’s not until he’s nearing up to the bed once again that he freezes, one hand at his face and the other steadying himself against the motel room wall.


He blows his nose and cups toilet paper around his face as he kneels and fiddles with a fixture low on the wall. He unclips something at turns it around to read the back.

“Fresh as a… HehhUSHHhh! daisy,” he reads. “Our in room huhhh… fruhhh freshening system… HEHT’CHYEW! Every muhh-huh-ehhhh… morning TchhhUhh! SHhhuh! TSCHhhh! TSCHhhUHh! Every morning will activate with a… uhh… invigorating burst of freeehhh-freshness. HAHTSCHHhUh! TSCHHHushhhSHYEW! HUHS’CHSH’USH!”

Dean snatches the fixture from out his brother’s hand. “Yeah, okay, I get it…” he mutters, angrily. “Stupid fucking fancy hotel rooms.”

Sam turns where he’s sat to look at Dean. His face is screwed up with irritation.

“EhhTSHHHhh! HuhhESHHuh! HEHT’SHYEW!” His nose twitching, he pulls away some toilet roll to blow his nose. “You tried so hard to make this Sam-proof. Huhhh…Ehhh…HuhhESHH’SHYEW! I appreciate it.”

And he’s so fucking earnest through those Goddamn watery eyes.

“It’s okay,” Dean tells Sam. “I’m gonna get rid of this fucker.”

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Oh holy good god this is spectacular. I really really really love it when Sammy is trying to talk when he has to sneeze.

So yeah. I pretty much love you right now.

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SexualOddity, you are incredible. Fifteen days ago I started reading your stuff on here (all of it, I've read ALL OF IT) and then I read the rest of the SPN stuff on the forum and I've actually gone to the LJ communities and started reading there and just afjkhadkfajkashla you are so GOOD you got me hooked on a show and a fandom that I hardly even watch. I love this so much that it's making me nervous to comment here!

I lovelove the mystery allergy thing and how he thinks he's "just sneezing" and then nopenopenope there's an allergy and it's all over the air and adsjfhdasklfhal ahhh so hot so cute aww poor Sam. I love it so much. SO MUCH.

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Oh my goodness San Beret! I feel like I want to print of your comment and put it up on my wall for posterity (definitely wouldn't be a good idea, but it's how I feel, lol). It's been a crappy week as well, so you couldn't have timed it better, Seriously, thank you for making me smile.

LunaMay - Thank you, also! I was really excited to see that you're continuing your Sam/Jess one - I thought it was just a oneshot! So looking forward to catching up with it.

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This is about as perfect as ANYTHING COULD POSSIBLY BE. *dies* The waking up scene and the interrupted speech...

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Oh my god, so cute!

Aww, poor POOR allergic Sammy! Of course, even in a Sam-proof room he finds something to make him sneeze. And of course, by finding an amazingly clean hotel room and making sure it's allergy-free, the good quality of it ensures that something trying to be great will just end up making Sam miserable.

You could really, really turn a girl into an allergy-lover. I mean, I'm a cold-girl, but just by reading any ONE of your stories, you make me love allergies. Especially Supernatural-related ones. Especially Sam-related ones.

And speaking of! I'm not even sure you remember, but I DID promise you an allergic Sammy story to thank you for your amazing work... And I've finally finished it! Keep an eye out! I'm posting it tonight! I'm sorry you've had a shitty week, and I hope this helps!

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your fics are the kinds you can read over and over and over again and they're still super amazing and hot and amazing and beautiful

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Sam proof. Just the connotation of this phrase is hot! It implies Soooo much!

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