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Wonderful English class!

Blessing Queen

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So,this obs is from some weeks ago,but I still remember it pretty well,so I'll share it with you!

Before start,sad news...Unfortunately my classmate G(I posted some obs about her last semester,just loved her sneezes) isn't taking English classes alongside me anymore,but my other classmate L(also posted obs about her too) is still around and I have a new classmate,R,and this obs is mainly about her.

I'll briefly describe her: She is 17 years old, brunette, wears glasses, has curly brown hair.Now,the obs!

The English class had already started and we were sitting together at a round table(because the other classrooms were occupied),R by my side and L by her side.

Didn't take long before I saw L takes a deep breath,her eyes trembling and starting to close,really nice pre sneeze face,she quickly raised her hands to cover her mouth feeling that she was about to sneeze.

She sneezed twice('atchiuuuu!atchiiiiiiu!'),covering her mouth, soft and girly sneezes.[ Have to say:God bless her so much!!:) ]

Me and R blessed her and she thanked us with a smile.The class continued and I noticed R rubbing her nose and sniffing a lot,her voice was a bit stuffed too.After a while,she sneezed('atchoooo!'),a slightly strong sneeze.I blessed her,and so did L,and she thanked us. After a few minutes,she sneezed again,and again!I blessed her again and she thanked me.

She continued to rub her nose,and sounding really ill,and after 5 minutes she covered her mouth and sneezed again,a powerfull and a bit loud sneeze.

I blessed her,she thanked me and asked the teacher permission to go to the bathroom.When she came back,she was sniffing and her voice was really stuffy.And here's what happened after a while...

R -Atchoooooo!Holy mother of God!I can't stop sneezing!

Me -Bless you.'faint smile'

R- Thanks.Snifs...

I swear,I think she sneezed about 5,6 times after this during the last 15 minutes of class(she managed to stifle 2 or 3 sneezes),and of course I blessed her.

What a wonderful English class!

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R -Atchoooooo!Holy mother of God!I can't stop sneezing!

I think I would just about die if someone said this while sneezing uncontrollably :D Great obs!

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