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Oh the fun of the mental block!


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Well the cold season has officially begun because I woke up feeling a bit off. And of course this cold couldn't have just waited an extra day until I have school off for a week; nope it has to start when I'm stuck in class for two hours, sitting next to a girl who has given me hell since school started.

I was sitting in class when my nose started running like crazy. You see, I absolutely cannot blow my nose in front of anyone; EVER. But I had no choice this time, it was not stopping at this point. So I got up, went over to the tissue box, faced the wall and softly blew. Just as I felt relieved and proud that I had overcome my mental block, I turn around. That girl told her whole table of 5 girls to turn and stare at me with disgusted facial exp<b></b>ressions when my back was turned so I can have a nice little surprise when I turn back around. She then went on to say "Ew! Go do that somewhere else. We don't want to hear that" I was absolutely mortified! She's absolutely horrible. I just wanted to crawl in a hole and die. Let's just say I held back tears of embarrassment the rest of the class. Needless to say, I don't think I'll be trying to face my fear anytime soon.

Does anyone have any embarrassing class room stories that will shed a bit of light on this? :(

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I feel bad for you. That was very mean of them to do that to you. Hopefully when one of those girls need to blow their nose maybe someone will tell them the same thing & embarrass them. I hope one day you get over your mental block

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Girls are just awful! They can be so catty and mean. She's probably jealous of you. Why else draw so much attention to you all the time?

Look at her~.. She can't stand NOT obsessing over you. You say she's been bullying you for a while, yes? SHE'S obviously the one who should be ashamed of herself. If she is devoting so much of her own time and energy JUST to be mean to you, then she has nothing better to do than be a jerk. That's sad.

Don't let her bother you, Tess~! Just ignore her, or better yet, smile whenever she has something mean to say. We've got your back here~!

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Wow that girl has SUCH a life i mean i wish i was her she is SOO cool <-- *says this in the most sarcastic tone possible*

Don't pay any attention to them..people bully because they're jealous that they can't be as awesome and pretty as you... :)

Ugh i hated blowing my nose in class. If i had to when i had a cold, i would do the same thing as you just face the wall and do it. or sometimes i would just step out into the hallway for a few seconds and do it.

Pay no attention to them. If you even show that it bothers you, they will keep bullying you because that's what bullies expect is feedback from the victim...trust me..i was bullied all my life until junior year in high school. it was pretty tough but i got through it...

If you ever need any more bullying advice, please don't be shy and message me..I could be of assistance to you :)

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