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Sneezes in the lab :)


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(please note that I'm only sharing my obs, please don't try this to your classmate in case of any real potential hazard to their health!)

In chemistry lesson today we were doing calorimetry, where we put strips of paper with an ink dot into a beaker with some ammonia inside. Then we have to cover the beaker with clingy film and let it work.

G was my lab partner. He has wild hair that is constantly really messy and he's always goofing around.

So when I peeled back the film to inspect the results, I suddenly got a whiff of the ammonia and it was really - omg. The smell was overwhelmingly irritating.

G came over and said something like "What happened?" and he bent over the beaker to look, practically inhaling the odor. Then doubled over and kept sneezing (and spluttering). They were uncovered, short and powerful, like "hh'YHSHHHH!" Still sneezing, he grabbed a nearby roll of tissue paper (I have NO idea why they keep loo roll in the lab @.@) and announced desperately between sneezes: "Hh'ISHH! I have - Hah-YESHHH! -blow by - hhh'uhhGSHHHH! - dose..." and he unravelled a long strip of tissue, wadded it up into a thick pile and blew into it fiercely. He went through another two wads before he was done.

(Again, please don't try to sniff ammonia... it's kinda dangerous :S but luckily G was fine, don't worry)

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I'm very glad he was fine. :) I remember that experiment when I was in secondary school, though it didn't have such nice results. :lol:

Thanks for sharing.

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That is entirely too hot for how unfortunate an occurrence it really is. :lol: Thanks for sharing!

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