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found this as i was searching through youtube :)

never watched the show, but i thought the sneezes were adorable!!

the show is called midsomer murder, and the clip is from season 8 episode 8, orchis fatalis

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Yes, that is an excellent episode. There is also one where the lovely John Nettles sneezes several times, and it appears to be completely unconnected to any plot element.

For connoisseurs, Orchis Fatalis is the one where in this famously racist programme non-white actors appear for the first time. [in the most recent episode, a cynical attempt to introduce Asian actors was still racist because they were stereotypically depicted as a pharmacist and an astrophysicist [?]

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In the latter half of Midsomer Murders episode "Written in Blood," DCI Tom Barnaby (mid-aged actor John Nettles) sneezes on several occasions and wipes his nose with his handkerchief, due to an allergy. Filmed in the late 1990s.

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Very nice sneezing from both actors in the separate episodes. My preference is Nettles because his character seemed the most discomfited by sneezing that he could not control.

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