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Explanation of life the past two weeks:

My boyfriend is amazing. He have been together for three years and he has only gotten sick one other time in our entire relationship. He has a great immune system unlike myself, I get sick every other month or so. Last week after being around several sick friends and drinking after my sick roommate I of course caught something. My throat was so sore that I felt like I was swallowing ravor blades. After I came home from classes I felt awful. I took a nap until I had to go to work. After work a coworker talked me into going to dinner with another mutual friend. That was a mistake on my part. I came back home took y temperature and it started at 101.2 I texted my boyfriend that I had a fever and got in bed. I woke up later to a text from him that said he would be at my apartment straight after work to take care of me. (in two hours) When I woke up again he was here. He made me soup, gave me medicine, and let me fall asleep on his chest. The next day I was congested and coughing. That weekend I lost my voice and couldn't talk for three whole days. I am still coughing but am pretty much better. My boyfriend always tells me his is invincibile because I never get him sick. This time that caught up with him. He started coughing a few days before I started feeling better I told him to take medicine and I knew it was bad when he agreed to. Poor thing is now so congested he can barely speak and has been coughing non-stop. His throat is just as sore as mine was and still he tells me he is fine. I apologized he has a coughing fit for getting him sick. He says everytime, "it's not your fault, I couldn't keep my lips to myself." whatever this is really is awful if it took him down. He is never sick. He woke up this morning and had to blow his nose seven times before he could even breathe alittle bit. His sneezes are so contested sounding and his voice is so husky. I love seeing him like this, (it is adorable and sexy) but I hate that he feels so bad. Atleast he hasn't had fever. I'm just gonna have to keep taking care of him like he did for me.

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He sounds so effing sweet. Congrats to three years, that's awesome. :) My boyfriend and I are approaching our three year anniversary in November.

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