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A Slight Dwight Allergy


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I recently started watching the American version of "The Office" again. I used to love it years ago when I first started watching it, but since sophomore year of college I kind of just lost interest. My boyfriend's never seen it and my friend lets us use her Netflix account, so we've decided to start watching it from the first season. I forgot how much I love the characters, especially Jim and Pam and their relationship, as well as how they interact with Dwight. My boyfriend and I LOVE Jim's character because he's the ultimate real-life troll. Also, John Krasinski is all kinds of adorable, so there's that too.

Gonna be a multi-part story with short chapters. Enjoy! biggrin.png


Part 1

Pam glanced up at the clock, groaning softly when she saw that it was only 9:14. Time tended to pass more slowly in Dunder-Mifflin. Peering over the top of her desk, Pam watched as Jim stared blankly at his computer screen, his eyes already starting to glaze over. Not even here fifteen minutes yet and she could tell he was bored out of his mind. Pam wondered if he would go insane without her there, just as she was sure she’d have quit by now if it wasn’t somehow, at least, in part, because of him. She couldn't even admit it to herself but she knew it was true just the same.

At some point their eyes met and Pam looked down to avoid blushing. Usually he would be at her desk right now, pretending to root through the jelly bean jar but really just using it as an excuse to talk to her. Sometimes he came over to share his observations of the other people in the office, usually Dwight, but every once in a while they would just talk about the weather, the broken copying machine, how the coffee tasted today. Boring stuff, but somehow she and Jim were able to have interesting conversations about the dullest subjects.

As he strolled over to her desk she wondered what he came up with to distract themselves from their boring jobs today. Would it be an idea for a prank on Dwight? Would Jim somehow know to warn her again that one of her yogurts was expired? She’d never gotten over that, Jim admitting that he had a habit of studying her yogurt containers. Creepy? Maybe. But he was cute so she let it slide. And besides, if he didn't tell her she never would have noticed that the mixed berry she was planning to eat for lunch had expired four days ago.

She smiled up at him expectantly as he opened his mouth, but instead of speaking he twisted away, ducking his face against his upper arm with a muffled “HHSHHH’uh!”

Pam couldn’t help but giggle at the way the sneeze seemed to take him by surprise. “Bless you,” she blurted out, automatically pushing the pink Puffs box towards Jim, but he waved his hand at it dismissively.

He opted instead for a pump of hand sanitizer, though he hadn’t sneezed anywhere near his hands. “I’m pretty sure Michael was sick yesterday,” he said, nodding towards the manager’s empty office. “But you know he’s going to come in today anyway to try and milk our sympathies.”

He sniffled, then decided he wanted a tissue after all, grabbing one and rubbing his nose briefly before crumbling it up and tossing it into the trash can. “That’s funny, actually, because I had an idea,” he continued, glancing over his shoulder at Dwight.


“I could pretend to be allergic to Dwight. See if I can get Michael to move his desk into the annex.”

“Oh! So that was a fake sneeze?”


“When you sneezed just now.”

“Oh, no, that was real,” he said, giving Pam a lopsided grin. “Just a coincidence, I guess. So, what do you think?”

“I’ll tell you when you give me a fake sneeze. If it sounds real enough, then I say let’s do it.”

Jim smiled, patted her desk in farewell, then turned and began walking back towards his. Pam watched curiously, oblivious to the phone ringing in her right ear. Jim sat down, pretending to type something (she spent enough time watching him to know when he was actually typing and when he was just pretending to), and then stopped, squinting at his computer screen. Slowly he lifted his arm, pressing his fisted hand against his nose, and bounced forward with a convincing “H’TTCHHHuh!”

Predictably, Dwight glared in Jim’s direction before returning his attention to his work. He had a zero-tolerance policy when it came to Jim. “If you’re sick,” he said simply, the words on his computer screen reflected in his glasses, “you’re advised to stay home.”

“I don’t feel sick,” Jim said, taking another tissue from his own box and giving an exaggerated blow. “I think I’m allergic to something.”

“How do you know you’re not sick?”

“I can just tell.” He paused, giving Dwight a skeptical look over the top of his tissue. “Can’t you?”

“I’ve never been sick before, nor do I have allergies. Perfect immune system.”

“Oh, okay.”

Jim tossed the balled-up tissue over his shoulder into the trash can, then smirked in Pam's direction. She gave a thumbs-up in approval of his plan and he gave an elaborate little bow. Dwight muttered something under his breath and continued his work like a good little salesman.

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Aw yeah, I am ALL OVER DIS~ <3

Looking fantastic and cute so far!

I love how Jim sneezes for real at first, and then seems a bit embarrassed admitting it xD. So CUTE! <3 <3

Can't wait for more ^w^

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Ahaha~! Thank you as well!

I actually have to just grin and giggle at yours whenever I see it x'D. It's so random and awesome <3

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Ahhh finally some more office fanfiction around here!

I love where this is going hehehe

Please continue! :D

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I will admit; I'm more familiar with the uk office, but if Jim's anything like Tim, then I love this already!

Definitely can't wait for more, i'm excited to see Dwight's reaction! :yes:

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