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Just wanted to tell someone...


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Okay, the last few days of my life have been AMAZING. The first thing is: I bought the movie Arizona Dream, Johnny Depp stars of course, and it is my FAVOURITE movie now (If you haven't seen it I suggest that you watch it because it's an awesome movie). Anyway, I was looking on the special features because I always do that, and there was a 10 minute video of behind the scenes stuff, so I watched it. Disappointingly enough, there were no sneezes from Johnny, but there was a clip of him yawning, which I treasure with all my heart :D I have a thing for yawning, it's not quite as cute as sneezing but I do go nuts over it. So that night I was lying there, still not believimg that I found that clip. Anyway, I had a wonderful dream that night. I was walkinh along with Johnny, and we found a cave. After walking a fair way with him, he spotted some gold in the wall of the cave. As he put his hands up to try to grab it a gust of dirt went in his face and he sneezed. I woke up after that, disappointed that Johnny Depp is not actually my best friend and never actually sneezed near me. It was a GREAT dream though, the best one I've ever had :) Okay, the second thing is: We had PE last lesson at school today, and there's this guy I have a MAJOR crush on. Anuway, I walked out of the change rooms and there he was, just around the corner, and... he... SNEEZED! It's so cute the way he sneezes too! So small and innocent. He did it into his shoulder too, so his face wasn't covered. THEN HE LOOKED AT ME! I melted. I just wanted to tell someone this stuff, everyone else would think I was weird.

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Those two minute snapshots in dreams haunt you afterwards and you will yourself to dream it again, and it NEVER damn happens!! In this day and age you would think they'd figure out a way to control what you dream about - the possibilities are endless.... *sighs* ;-)

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