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Welcome Home Hunni


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So my oil worker husband called on his way home earlier today. He works away 4 weeks at a time on a platform in some godforsaken place not far from Russia. Our conversation was along the lines of

"I will be home for dinner. I warn you, I am not 100%, I've got this mad cold that's been going round the rig so I look like death warmed up"

"Oh I am SO sorry to hear that Hunni, nevermind. I can't wait to see you."

Don't wedding vows include something about "with my body I honour you, in sickness and in health?" Well only having been married 7 weeks, I think it's time we put that to the test...

Am I a terrible person?

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Only for calling your husband Hunni, which is an emasculating moniker. :bleh:

No, kidding! Of course you're not horrible. You'll take excellent care of him, won't you? It'll be a win-win situation! :D

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personally i (who doesn't have a sneezie fetish) cannot wait to get sick as my boyfriend (who does) will love it and i know that he will look after me so well that i will want to thank him, and since he loves sneezing it will be easy too so its a win win ^^

so no, i dont think you're terrible (:

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