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A very sneezy day (my first obs post)


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Hi! This is my first obs posted on the forum, hope it's OK!

So, I live with a roommate who is pretty much allergic to EVERYTHING. I'm not even actually sure what she's allergic to, but she is pretty much constantly sneezy. Which, of course, is great.

The other day, she came into the room looking really upset and I asked what was wrong. She said "I just had a half-sneeze". I figured that probably meant a false start but, enjoying the conversation topic, I asked her what that was. She explained exactly as I had thought, it meant a sneeze that got stuck. She mentioned that she still had to sneeze and then sat down and did some work with no further discussion.

Sadly, despite the stuck sneeze, I did not hear any noticeable buildup, so after a few minutes I stopped listening and went back to work. Then, about five minutes later, with no warning whasoever, she bends over in her chair and sneezes EXTREMELY loud, a very high pitched single that sounded like "hah-chee!" She then started waving her hand in front of her nose and inhaling repeatedly. Luckily for me, it didn't get stuck this time and she sneezed three more times in succession, all stifled but still quite loud, "ha'chh! ha'chh! ha'chh!"

I made her some coffee and some for myself as well. She was done sneezing, but my sneezing experiences for the day were not done. Just as I was drinking some of my (scalding hot) coffee, I IMMEDIATELY had to sneeze. Not wanting to get hot coffee all over myself, I held it back as best I could and finished the coffee. I then went to let the sneeze out....only to find it had gotten stuck.

It was torture. I wanted to induce it out so badly, but my roommate was in the room, and she knows nothing about my interest and I don't want to change that. So I sat there for about five minutes, drinking the rest of my coffee and desperately willing the sneeze to come out. It didn't.

Finally, she left the room. I immediately got a plastic clothes tag and started inducing. It was a ridiculously stubborn sneeze and took nearly a full minute of "heh...ehh....nn..." with a lot of "ehh...HEH...dammit!" thrown in. Finally, though, I sneezed one of the loudest single sneezes I can remember, a full blown "HAH'CHOOOOO!" (Weird because I am usually a fairly quiet sneezer).

And, that was the story of the sneeziest day I have had recently.

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That's a very good story. Welcome to the forum, too! I'd be too uncomfortable to have any sneezy discussion with someone who was living with me, but I do love to hear about discussion between other people if that makes any sense :P. Thank you for sharing and bless the both of you!

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Oo, that's really nice, to have a roommate like that... :D Also lovely self-obs there. I do so like the false starts. ^_^

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Don't worry about your obs being "OK," it was excellent! Great obs, and nice sneezes from both you and your roommate! Bless you and thanks for sharing! smile.png

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Nothing more frustrating than a stuck sneeze that won't come out. But those obs were more than just ok, they were great. Thanks for sharing :)

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Welcome to the forum :) Now that is a roommate worth holding on to... And plus a full minute of sneezy build-up from youself? A sneeze filled day indeed! :D

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