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Allegry girl


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So typically I have the day off work and never get to work with this one girl in particular at work. She is very short, small, petite, and very cute. She has small features and a very sensitive nose. As soon as I walked into the office she sneezed a loud four times. They sounded like hiiiewshew,hiii-chu, choo, choo. I thought that would be it. Then about five minutes later she sneezed two more times. Every 20 minutes for the whole 8 hours she sneezed 2-5 times. The whole office blessed her a few times, but the poor girl couldn't stop sneezing. She sat in an office behind me so I wasn't able to see her, I could only hear the sneezing. At one point I went into her office and she three desperate sneezes. She then complained to me that she's been sneezing all day because of her allergies. She had lost her voice for the most part, and I felt pretty bad for enjoying her sneeze. I had never heard anyone sneeze so much for so long.

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