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I think I have the flu


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I felt fine yesterday morning, but in the middle of my second class, it hit me like a pickaxe. I could only work for half an hour at my laboratory job before feeling too sick to do anything but go back to my dorm.

My fever built and built over the course of the afternoon/evening until it reached 101.1, and then I stopped taking it because I felt so hot and sweaty that I couldn't do anything. It broke in the night, I think, but I'm congested and my throat kills (blowing out practically nothing). Also, I'm dizzy and my head is throbbing. I'd classify this as a cold, but again - fever. I should probably get to my homework before it builds again.

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ughh I haaaatee the flu. Hate. You feel so helpless. and I feel you I'm in college too and I was sick for a few days.. Not having energy to do your work skrews you. Having the flu..? I can't even imagine. You poor child.. >_>

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