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Good-Tasting Protein Shakes?


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Hello, all! I'm protein deficient and have started to lose my hair as a result, which I'd rather not do, so I've been drinking protein shakes (under doctor's orders) to help me with that. I have found that the Special K chocolate shake tastes the best, but I was wondering if anyone else has a personal favorite? I've tried some others, and they were simply wretched. Any replies are much appreciated!!

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Unless you're allergic to nuts, they are a GREAT ingredient for a home made shake. Walnuts and almonds and hazelnuts work best. You can get them relatively cheap in bulk at certain organic supermarkets. Pound them to bits and put them in the blender with yogurt and banana and honey, and hey presto, protein delight!

(I realise that that's probably not quite protein-rich enough if you have a severe deficiency, but they're tasty as tasty can be, and healthy too, so it could be an extra for once in a while.)

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You could always add some fresh fruit to make a protein shake taste better. That's usually what I do. Bananas and strawberries or even blueberries go great with vanilla shakes.

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I would recommend Shaklee brand protein. They're an old stalwart in the health-food business, having been around since 1956. Their products are generally excellent. My mother is a loyalist, and half the time a measure of their chocolate protein powder blended into iced milk is all she has for breakfast. She skips lunch, even. I've tasted it, and it's definitely palatable, as long as it's blended well. It also, apparently, contains all the amino acids.

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I have no idea how this happened, but I totally forgot I was the one who started this thread....gosh, I'm really starting to lose it.

To all who replied, thank you so much!! I'm definitely gonna have to try some of these. I'm gonna do some computer research and see where I can find them. I've seen the Odwala brand in a local grocery store and it looked pretty good. I think that's the one that had a coffee flavor? Anything coffee flavored is pretty good to me. And I never would've thought of just using nuts, but a hazelnut shake sounds pretty delicious. And I've tried almond milk, and it was deiniftely good :) Again, thank you all so much for the helpful suggestions! I will definitely be trying these!

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