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I have 2 obs for you guys, both in my math class! Awesome day ;)

So this kid G, who is also in 2 of my other classes, has the cutest fits. His sneezes are very rapid, but not too high pitched. It sounds kind of like "He-kmph! Choo! Tchoo! Tchoo!" but usually more than 5 times, and into his hand.

Today in class at the beginning he sneezed a louder than usual "Hetchoo!" but it was only one. I thought it was weird, I have never heard him sneeze just once! But he kept sniffing, and a few minutes later he gave a fit of about 12 sneezes! And they kept getting closer together while he was sneezing too! He also had another fit like this of about 7 sneezes after :)

The other one was my teacher! He barely ever sneezes, but today he was talking and his breath started hitching, and he kept trying to talk! After a few hitched breaths he put his fist to his mouth and stopped talking. He had such a concentrated pre-sneeze face, then took a quick high-pitched breath like he was about to sneeze- and it went away! So sad. He was struggling so much in front of his whole class.... Oh well, he still had an awesome build!

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Awh, sounds like number one's got some allergies.

Ugh, sneezy buildups like that, that lead to nothing are hell. But that sounded quite adorable!

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