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Cat Allergies- Trade for 24Me


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Here you go, 24Me! The promised story about cat allergies! Sorry it took long, I have school and that keeps getting int the way. Here you go. :) All I can warn is strong language and that's it, otherwise it's a decent story.


He finished his third beer, chucking the bottle to the beige carpet floor. He still wanted to finish the entire six pack. The Canadian drunk almost daily, so he was used to drinking heavily without throwing up or passing out quickly. He ruffled through his greasy black hair as he clicked through the channels he wanted to view the most. So far, nothing interesting was on.

Jack yawned, stretching his arms from his seat. “Uggh...I'm getting tired already. Shit.”

After drinking those beers, he has the immediate reaction to use the toilet. While during the commercials, he gets up to use the bathroom. Jack takes off his red shorts. He reaches halfway to his knees.

“R'OW!!!” the screech caught him off guard. For a moment, Jack shivered from the vicious sound. The walls were so thin. He normally heard people talk in their own private conversation, but nothing too heinous. Jack peeped outside his window to see a vicious dog attacking what appeared to be a tiny kitten.

Immediately, he pulled up his pants and put on his sandals to rush outside. He was only on the first floor, so it didn't take long to get to the scene. The pitbull growled at the kitten. It reached to pounce. His hands clutched a beer can that was chucked at the dog. It snarled its pointed teeth, eying at Jack.

“Get the fuck out of here!” He threw another empty can. The dog started to whine and whimper, finally running away. Jack sighed. He was surprised to see the feline still laying in the bushes. Little whines escaped its mouth, squealing to Jack for help.

With every inch, he approached the kitten closer. A tiny tickle went though his nose. He sniffed as he saw the kitten wasn't moving at all. He got close enough to see there were leaves stuck on its black fur. Its yellow eyes stuck out, meowing as much as it could. The poor thing was running out of its voice. Jack picked up the kitten with his two large hands, making sure it was safe. Jack felt the kitten shake in his hands, seeing how nervous it was.

The tickle grew stronger in his nose. Jack hitched his voice while his nostrils flared. “H-Heh—Hee-HECHOO! ESHOO! H-He-HECHOO!” He couldn't stop sneezing for the reason that he knew, that he was severely allergic to cats. By some odd attraction, cats were always his favorite animal. He knew he could never own one because of his severe allergies.

He hasn't thought about getting one for the longest time because of his busy incidents that keep happening in his life. By a forced situation, he got the dream he wanted--Too bad it wasn't the perfect timing. His nose drooped mucus no matter how much the poor man kept sniffling. He opened his apartment door, leaving it unlocked before. His loud sniffles erupted the paper-wall building. “ESHOO! ESH! Heh'EHshoo!!”

Jack knew he was going to wake up the neighbors with his obnoxious sneezing, but he didn't give two shits. Jack placed the kitten on the floor. Immediately, he dived his hand into the nearest tissue box to blow frantically. His covered his mouth, launching into a coughing fit. Already, his throat felt itchy. With his green eyes, he stared down at the kitten. It walked around the room, getting familiar with its surroundings. It felt safe now. The man scoffed.

]What am I gonna do with you?'

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It's fine totally get it, by the way I am still working on yours!!!! Perfectomundo so far-continue if you get the chance?

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PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEASE CONTINUE! I won't stop untill you do. (I feel for Jack. I'm not as allergic to cats as he is, but I'm still allergic [though I may like it :)] and I looove cats)

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