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Unlike some of you (lucky :P) people I don't get sick very often, and even when I do I tend not to sneeze very much, so when I woke up yesterday with a headache, scratchy throat and stuffy nose I was fully prepared for a few days of feeling congested and miserable without any of the perks.

However a couple of hours into my day at work I noticed a faint tickling sensation in my nostrils. I blew my nose, and for a while that seemed to do the trick, but not long after the tickle returned - and this time, it wouldn't go away so easily.

Unfortunately my mental block meant that actually sneezing proved far harder than it should have - at least another two hours went by, during which time I suffered innumerable agonising false starts as my nose kept burning and burning (seriously, it was like the devil himself was up there with an lifetime supply of pepper shakers - torture!).

Eventually, after what must have been hundredth false start that hour and having grown tired of sitting there with my eyelids fluttering and my mouth hanging open desperately, I decided to take matters into my own hands and headed straight for the (thankfully empty) bathroom. I locked the door behind me, grabbed a piece of toilet paper and twisted it up.

It didn't take much effort. Just a couple of twists in my tortured nostrils and the burning in my nose had gone from irritating, to overwhelming, to simply unbearable:


The sneeze was huge, wet as hell and seemed to reverberate throughout my surroundings. As I looked up, teary-eyed, I realised that I must have built up a considerable amount of snot in my nostrils over the course of the day, a lot of which had now been transferred to the door in front of me. Desperate to relieve as much congestion as possible, I re-inserted the tissue and just kept on turning.

"Ah... ah... Hhhaaar'nngsshhhh! Ha... "Huuhriisshhhh!" Heh... Hhhuuhhr'ishhoo!"

The relief of finally managing to sneeze was so much that I made no attempt to be quiet or cover up at all; every sneeze was louder than the last and sent a fresh load of spray from both my nose and mouth flying towards the door, where it glistened under the flickering lights as it dripped slowly downwards. Thinking I was all sneezed out for now I gave my nose a hearty blow, wiped down the door and went back to work.

Later that evening, once I was home from work and alone, the sneezes came back with a vengeance. Normally I have to coax my sneezes out, breathing carefully and deliberately so as not to scare away the tickle, but not this time. During the evening I must have sneezed about 20 or 30 times, mostly in forceful singles - "HHhhaaaa'iiinngsshhoo!" - but also occasionally the odd fit of three or four more tickly sneezes, which started small-ish and nasal, growing more powerful over the course of the mini-fit - "Heh'nngchsshh! Heh'nngshoo! Hhhuuuhr'nnnggshhooo! Huhaaa'hhriiiissshhhhooo!" Almost every time the sneezes caught me completely by surprise, my nose clearly in no mood to have to contend with my usual mental block

Unfortunately today has been far less sneezy - just the odd single here and there, with a couple of mini-fits this evening - while my nose has been leaking like a tap all day. I don't know how many times I've blown my nose or how many tissues I've got through, but I reckon they're probably into triple figures! Seems like my cold is on the way out already, but I'm glad this one actually brought a few sneezes with it smile.png

(P.S. I managed to record some sneezes and nose blows for those of you who like that kind of thing, click the link in my sig to hear them)

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....Hnnnng. Too bad I couldn't have been a fly on the wall. ;)

Even though your cold is going, at least you won't feel rubbish and had fun while it was here. Wonderful obs, thanks so much for sharing! :D

Well then, off to YouTube I go :whistle:

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