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I got my boyfriend sick.


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So it's been forever since I've posted on here I know. I couldn't remember my password, but I'm back now. Anyway, about 2 weeks ago I had this really awful cold. I've never had a sneezier cold than this one. That was the one redeeming quality about the cold. I still haven't completely shaken the cough though :( . But anyway, I told my boyfriend that I was sick so he came over to my dorm to take care of me wubsmiley.gif . He was so sweet. The first few days I had a fever of 102, and he had a paper to write but he sat in my bed with me and let me lay my head in his lap while he typed his paper. :happysmiley: . He's a blesser which makes me so happy. He doesn't bless every single sneeze in a fit, but he'll say "bless you" to the first one and the last one. But anyway, as I started feeling better and no longer had a fever, we got tired of not being able to make out, so we just decided that if I was going to get him sick, it would have already happened.

Flash forward to about 4 days later when he texts me that he thinks I got him sick. So naturally I came over to his room and brought him some orange juice and some nyquil and dayquil. So my boyfriend, lets call him J, has a habbit of lifting up his shirt and coughing or sneezing into it. He'll lift the bottom of it and cough and I can see his chest kind of spazzing out. J is super well built. He has a six pack and some killer biceps. But yeah. When he sneezed into his shirt and I could see his six pack move with the sneeze, it took all my self control not to jump him right then. But he doesn't know about my fetish. Hopefully he won't figure me out. But yeah. I just had to share that.

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