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Ben Stiller and Drew Barrymore - Duplex (2003)


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Okay, so I can't believe I forgot about this AMAZING scene from Duplex!!!!!

So Stiller and Barrymore's characters have purposely caught the flu :) ...to kill their old lady neighbor (it makes more sense if you've seen the movie) 51 33 54 50

So first Stiller's character catches the flu by breathing in an old guy's sneeze (!!!!), and then he gives it to Barrymore's character

oh my gosh i want to give the makeup artists a HUGE hug!!!!!!!!!!!!

anyways...some sneezing, a REALLY wet sneeze from Barrymore, coughing...and then the scene with the clogged sink - really gross but hilarious!

the whole "sick" part is about 51:33 - 54:50 from this link: www.solarmovie.eu/link/play/452148/

aahhh...almost 5 whole minutes :3

if you haven't already seen the movie, please do, it's absolutely hilarious :D

I hope you enjoy it :)

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Oh my God I saw this movie a while ago with my mom and sister and absolutely CRINGED during this scene. Then a few months ago my dad insisted on watching it so I sat there dreading the part with the disgusting old guy euurghhh... still makes me sick.

BUT. I did gain a new appreciation for Ben Stiller's acted sneeze(s?). Cute little build-up ahaha.

Hilarious movie though. "I knew they'd send a pro..." lmfao

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I was really enjoying this (especially Ben's sneeze) until I got to the clogged sink thing. An emetophobe warning would have been nice (even though I'm not actually sure if she pukes) because it freaked me a little but it's all good facing my fear and all. If any of you guys have this phobia then I don't recommend watching this as Midnight did say, it's pretty gross.

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Yah, she's puking and it's really gross.

But there is no sneeze from Drew Barrymore. She's just blowing her nose really wet.

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