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if you could choose how to....

Clark Kent

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I was having a conversation this morning about ....if you could choose how to die what would be the oddest way you could think of.

The best i could come up with was trying to choose between........

1. Being dragged along by a milk float until you died of a calcium deficiency.....................or

2. Tumbling down an up escalator until you starved to death.

If you can beat these and laugh more than i am about number 2 that i can use then i need to hear them.

Just a bit of fun :)

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Having all your best wishes coming true at once and literally exploding from happiness. :P

Being kidnapped by Hello Kitty, taken into a forest, hung upside down and beaten with a carrot, and then a herring until dead.

Ok... that's all I've got for now. Brain isn't being that creative. :laugh:

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This is the true story (but it obviously didn't happen to me :P ) :

Some bloke has decided to commit a suicide. He wanted to be sure that he will die, so he has decided to hang himself on a tree which was on a cliff just above the sea, so if the branch breaks, he will fall and drown. Just in case he filled his mouth with Xanax. When he kicked the chair he was standing on and swallowed the pills, the rope got untied and he fell in the water. He fell on his stomach, so he threw up the pills. That very second a man in a boat noticed him, picked him up and took him to the hospital.

Where the guy died from pneumonia. lol1.gif

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Tie a rope to a rocket ship. Tie the other end of the rope around my neck. Launch the rocket ship.

I almost pissed myself laughing at your second one. :laugh: The image of someone just tumbling down an escalator for eternity is too morbidly hilarious.

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I would like to die being whipped by Dr. Frank-n-Furter. Anything being done to me by that man would be very acceptable :lmfao:

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