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In the car


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Yesterday afternoon, on my way to Thanksgiving dinner, I got stuck in some traffic. The cars weren't moving so I was doing some people watching. I noticed a really cute girl in the car just to my left and as I was looking away I saw a flurry of activity in the area where she was. I looked back and she was squinting her eyes, flapping her hands and breathing rapidly with her mouth open. "No," I thought "she couldn't really be about to..." but before I even finished my thought she bent forward with her hands steepled around her nose.

Sadly due to being in separate cars I couldn't hear her sneeze but it looked like it was quite a build up followed by a wonderful release. It definitely made traffic more bearable.

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That has to be one of my favorites types when someone sneezes into both hands, to me it looks...romantic?

Thanks for the obs!

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