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[[[Like I said in the post of my return, as I get back into the swing of writing these, Wreck-It Ralph was going to be my first story topic. As you can tell by the name change, signature and icon, I've become a bit obsessed with it. Well...more than a bit. It's taken over my life at this point. xD So, with a little motivation and inspiration from Spoo's short story, I'm bringing my own to the forum. I'm sort of coming up with it as I go along, I already have this first chapter set in my head. Where it goes after, we'll just have to all wait and see xD Also, it delves into some FelixXCalhoun, so sorry for any spoilers from anyone who hasn't seen this gem yet. Also, this is a little bit inspired by an RP between klausrothschild and I, so some of the dialogue might be a bit jumpy at times. ^^;]]]

Fix-It Felix Jr. was a natural at his craft. It's in his programming to be an expert repairman, and he took that job with stride. He loved helping anyone in any situation. Even when the strong and confident Tamora Calhoun came into his life, he did all he could to help fix her broken heart. Since then, she's been meaning to return the favor.

Upon closing call one day at the arcade, Calhoun decided to visit him by the penthouse he lived in and repaired several times everyday. She had heard of a virus running through some of the games that nearly caused them to get unplugged. Because it was the summer, the arcade has had an overwhelming amount of work. Every night, characters of all sorts were seen exhausted and overheated in Tapper's, just trying to catch a break. But what they caught was worse than what they were hoping for. They were only put out of order for a day, but the risk was still high. It wasn't something anyone wanted to happen.

She rode the trolley down the wire leading to his game, 'Fix-It Felix Jr.', removing her helmet and sighing gratefully that her long day in Hero's Duty was done. The trolley stopped just a short walk away from the penthouse, a sight she enjoyed seeing. She could even make out the small, blue hatted love of hers placing yet another gold metal on his wall. Something about his expression, however, was different. It wasn't as happy as he tends to be, but more tired and flushed. She thought it was just from the stress of how often his game had been running for. With a slightly worried nod, she stepped out of the trolley and began to make her way for the apartment building. The ground beneath her shook only lightly and she chuckled at the approaching 'bad-guy', Wreck-It Ralph. Since his stunt of possibly 'Going Turbo' was resolved, they had become better friends, especially from how often she would come to visit Felix.

"Evenin', Ralph," she started her usual greeting. "Tough game today?"

"Hooo~, you bet..." he responded with exhaustion in his voice, running a large hand through his hair. "Three players just got to level 9 with us...they must have had a hundred quarters or somethin'..."

"The summer's been pretty hard on all of us," she said, glancing briefly up to Felix's floor.

"You here to see Felix?"

"Yeah, figured I'd stop in, see how he's handlin' it."

"Ya got good timin', Sarge...he needs some cheerin' up today. Actin' up almost like Vanellope's glitchin' at first," he said, sounding a bit worried himself. The tone brought an almost instant tinge of worry to Calhoun's heart as she began hoping it wasn't anything serious.

She bid him goodnight and started to make her way for his apartment, remembering it was on the 6th floor. She took the elevator up and easily found the front door to it, knocking gently and stepping back, hoping she wasn't an intrusion on him at this point. Inside, Felix jumped a little at the sound of it and started for the door, swiping at his pudgy nose slightly. He reached for the handle, but once he gripped it, his hand went into a series of code for a split second. He sighed and opened the door, and even in his state, he couldn't help but smile wide at the tall love of his life.

"Why, hello there, darlin'~" he greeted her with a hop and kiss on her cheek. She smiled back to him, glad he at least hadn't changed how he acted to her. However, his complexion did worry her.

"Hey, sweet cakes...rough day today?" she asked, spotting the dark circles under his youthful eyes.

"Ain't as hard as any other day 'round here," he gave his eternally optimistic smile. "How about you?"

"Eh...fine I guess. A darn Cy-Bug broke the FPSbot, so we lost five gamers before it could be fixed."

"Aww, well shoot, I coulda helped ya there if I wasn't so busy m'self," he fiddled a bit with his glove as he spoke, feeling guilty for not being able to help her out in her game.

"No big deal, ya can't fix everythin'," she smiled as she reached down to pet him on the head before walking in her second home. Felix quickly tried to keep up with her large stride, stepping around her and smiling.

"So, do ya want anythin'? Mary made me some apple pie, there's still half left~" he said, already starting to back up to the kitchen.

"I ate before I came here, I just wanted to see how you were doin'," she said, sitting on his couch and moving over to allow him to sit next to her. He hesitated only slightly before going over to sit.

"Well, do ya just wanna talk a bit then? I don't mind, 'specially with you~," he said with a small blush, his voice trailing to slightly raspy.

"Yeah...we can talk..." she said, noticing his voice with narrowing eyes. "Have you happened to hear about...the virus goin' around the arcade?"

"A virus?" he said, tilting his head and trying to seem unchanged. "No, everythin's been in top form around here," he continued, trying to hide a small sniffle as he spoke. "How about you? Feelin' ok?"

"I'm fine, they ran a maintenance check this mornin', everythin's clear..." As she spoke, Felix's eyes became a bit unfocused. Worse, she spotted the side of his face go into a series of code for a second. "...Are you sure you're alright, Felix?"

"Y-Yes, Tam, I'm fine..." he said, really only using her first name when he tried reassuring her. She narrowed her eyes to him, already having proof that there was something wrong with him, but wanting him to be the one to admit it. However, he quickly stood up from the couch and started to make his way for the kitchen. "J-Just forgot, I got somethin' cookin'! I won't take long..."

In the kitchen, Felix looked out nervously to make sure Calhoun hadn't followed him in. He sighed and removed his hat, swiping a bit of sweat off of his forehead. He thought it was only how much work he had to do that put him into this state, but from word of a virus, he became nervous. He brought a gloved hand to his face, rubbing his knuckle against his nose as his eyes began to flutter shut.

"Hehhnn..." he sniffed, not wanting her to hear anything. Putting more worry on her head was the last thing on his mind. But his body wasn't having any of it, and worse, his hand had turned to code before he could stop it. "Heep-Shuu!! Nhh...Hee-Kchu!! SHHUU!!!"

He held the side of his head after his fit, his whole body turning to code with his last sneeze. He was unaware of the tall sergeant standing behind him, the change of his body being all she saw.

"Felix...you're infected, ain't ya?" she said, a great tone of worry on her voice. He slowly turned to look up at her, putting his blue hat back on his head and sniffling into his other wrist.

"I-I thought...it was just overwork..." he sighed, then got serious. "Cal, I don't want you near me right now...you're at a big risk just bein' in this game, and I will not allow you gettin' this as well."

"Too late, Felix," she started, walking over and picking him up by the back of his shirt, the one spot she knew she could carry him without him fighting back successfully. "I've been here long enough that I've had my share of an exposure. If I get the virus, I'll deal with it on my own. But for right now, I'm not leavin' your side."

"No, Cal! Lemme go!" he shouted, trying to make her release his shirt as she carried him to his bedroom. However, out of instinct, his body stopped its fighting to quickly bring both his hands to his face once again. "Ihhp-ShhUU!!" he sneezed, his body turning to code and dropping out of Calhoun's hand. He looked up to see he was already in the bedroom, knowing she was standing in the door frame. He turned and looked up to her shyly, still more concerned about her. "I mean it, Cal, just...lemme deal with this on my own."

"And what if you can't? I ain't lettin' you get unplugged!" she shouted, a little loudly with her worry. She then sighed and tried to relax before she continued. "You always think you can fix everythin', but...you gotta learn to take some help now and then," she knelt down and looked him in the eye with a smile. "Ya helped me, now...lemme at least start to return the favor..."

"But..." he started, looking away. "I...care about you so much..."

"I'll be fine...please...just gimme a chance to help at least..."

He kept his gaze away for a long moment before looking back at her, sighing and quickly embracing her tightly, his small body putting in as much strength as he could muster. "J-Just one day, Cal...all I need to get back in shape, I promise..."

She smiled and nodded slightly against him, though she didn't care how long it would take. She was more than willing to stay with him for as long as he really needed her. She gently lifted him up and started back for his bed, placing him down in it and smiling to him. Spending the day with him, even in his state, was more than she could already ask for.

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*twirls around in a mass of Wreck It Ralph amazingness*

The forum is alive with greatness~!

I watch the movie, become obsessed, and then all the amazing writers of SFF starting writing about it~!


Sergeant! Good work~! *salute* I'm LOVING this :DDD I can't wait for more~!

*waves flag* Such good characterization and thoughtful dialogue <3

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Awhaaaa, Hero's Cuties + fetish + YOUR BRILLIANT WRITING = VERY HAPPY GALAXY. :DD

I just---nghhh, why is your writing so brilliant? I love how you've made Calhoun and Felix clearly crazy about each other, but not all over each other constantly touchy feely; I've seen way too many fics like that when that obviously isn't how they are, and I just---NGHH, I love so much how clear you make it that they love each other without having to write obvious horn to convey it. And his cute little pixelated sneezes, man, I could just die. >w<


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[[[Heh, since I've been thinking about how I want this to go, here's part 2~ Also, I wanna say how awesome it is that there are other writers following along with this beauty of a film. It truly deserves as much support as it's getting]]]

The night was rough on both of them. With how the virus was treating his body, Calhoun had to keep a careful eye on him. Every so often, he would go into a brief fit that would send his coded body anywhere from out of his bed to out of the room. But she stuck with him through the long hours they had together.

However, they both knew the arcade was soon to open. Calhoun was able to see the sky brighten up outside of the arcade's glass doors and straight into the screen of his game. She figured one day out of order wouldn't put them at too much of a risk, it was just how that worried her.

She made her way into the bedroom to check on him. He had, luckily, finally managed to get a bit of sleep. She sat on the side of his bed and felt his forehead, growing in worry as she felt his program was overheating. She was about to wake him up when she heard a knocking on the door to his apartment. Her eyes narrowed into her usual caution as she approached it and opened it slowly. It took her a moment to realize she had to look down to one of the 8-bit residents.

"Oh, miss Calhoun!" the pink clad Mary smiled up at her. Since they had gotten together, Calhoun had become acquainted with most of the penthouse attendees. "Good to see you here, but aren't you gonna be late for your game?"

"I still got plenty of time, brought my cruiser so I can get there in ten seconds flat," she lied, trying just to speed up the conversation so she could tend to Felix again.

"Oh, that's good then. May I come in? I wanted to see what flavor of pie Felix wanted today," she said, her almost robotic body beginning to edge inside.

"I'm sure anythin' ya make will be fine," Calhoun responded, still standing in front of her.

"No, no, no, everyday I make whatever pie he wants to make sure he gets the right charge. It's tradition~"

"I'm sure he won't mind if ya made the same one ya did last time!" Calhoun furrowed her brow in mild frustration, trying her best to keep her out.

"But it doesn't work that way!"

"Well, today, it's gonna have to, because--"


The loud sneeze interrupted Calhoun and caused Mary to flinch, as well as the sight of Felix appearing out of a series of blue code through his bedroom wall. He groaned with a sniffle and pushed his blue hat back into place, then straightened up upon seeing them.

"O-Oh, sorry...were you two havin' a discussion?" he asked shyly, rubbing an eye tiredly. Mary quickly walked around Calhoun and gasped at the closer sight of him.

"Why, Felix, you look awful! Did'ja come down with something?"

"No, no, I'm fine, fit as a fiddle like usual~" he said, trying to hide behind his smile once again. "Just didn't get too much sleep is all..."

"Oh..." a brief look of assumption passed Mary's face as she glanced back to Calhoun. And with a tiny blush, she looked back over to Felix. "W-Well, I just stopped by to ask what kind of pie you'd like today..."

"Hnn..." he thought for a moment, not feeling any appetite but not wanting to worry her either. "How about...pumpkin today?"

"I'll get right on it, take care~" she responded before hopping up and giving him a small peck on the cheek. A brief ping of jealousy hit Calhoun, but she remembered Mary was like his mother more than anything else. However, the look on Mary's face made her realize she had found out something. "My, Felix, you're warmer than hot cider. Are you sure you're ok?"

"I'm fine, Mary, never felt...b-better," he stammered slightly, trying to keep from going into a brief fit in front of her.

"Are you sure? I could make you something else if you want--"

"Alright, come on, madame. It's almost opening time, so you gotta get to work on your part of the game," Calhoun ordered in a stern voice, stepping in front of Felix and walking her out.

"O-Oh! R-Right, on my way! D-Do keep an eye on him, make sure he doesn't overheat!" Mary responded as she tried to hurry out in front of the tall soldier. Once she left, Calhoun looked around outside the apartment before closing his door and looking back to him with sympathetic eyes.

"Go ahead, no one else'll hear..." she said softly. Almost like a trigger, Felix reared his head back slightly, his jaw going slack and his eyes shutting before he shot forward into his small, readied hands.

"Heek-KshUU!! Ihhh...Hee-Tchuu!! IhshUU!!" Felix sneezed himself into code each time, the last one winding him up in a suspended height that matched Calhoun's eyes. He looked to her in his pause and groaned, Calhoun easily plucking him out of it and carrying him back to bed.

"Alright...now that that's out of your system, time to get more rest, pint-sized," she smiled to him and began to place him into his bed.

"Th-...Thanks, Cal...I c-...couldn't have asked for a--"

As he spoke, his body went into a different pose suddenly, almost as if he was about to run in mid-air. His eyes widened at it as his body naturally began running in a jaunty style out of his bedroom.

"Felix? Where are you goin'?!" Calhoun chased after him and tried grabbing hold, his arms and legs just moving too fast.

"Uhh! Quarter Alert! It's in the game's code to have everyone in and a part of the game to be ready on the first quarter!" he shouted as he started through his door and down the stairs. "I'm sorry, Cal! Stay in there and away from the windows if ya can!"

She tried to chase after him, but upon hearing his game mate, Ralph shout 'I'm gonna wreck it!', she knew she was too late. She hurried to the side window to get a look at him grabbing his suspended golden hammer and pasting on a smile.

"This is not gonna end well..." she muttered.

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Oh, my gosh. Write mooore! (: I'm obsessed with this movie too, particularly with Sugar Rush Speedway, (The characters are so cute. XD) so I looove this story!

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I squeaked so loud when I saw the update. OMGH SERGEANT~


"O-Oh, sorry...were you two havin' a discussion?" he asked shyly, rubbing an eye tiredly.

I just died. I overloaded from the cute <3

You are writing these characters like they are real, and for that, I think you~! Keep up the fantastic work!

I look forward to the next chapter <3

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[[[And now, for part 3~ This one took a bit of rewriting, re-motivating and re-convincing to post, but once I thought of that lil' Felix starting to...well, you'll see, I had to keep at it. Once again, I thank everyone for the comments and support as usual. You're my inspiration~ <3]]]

"I can fix it!" Felix shouted in his usual tone.

Everything began like usual. Ralph started breaking the penthouse and Felix began to make his repairs under the command of the player. On the outside, the pixelated characters went about their usual stride. On the inside, however, a mild look of concern passed the faces of Ralph and Mary in the window. And from inside his apartment, Calhoun had to just take small glances to avoid being seen by the player. She also spotted that, behind the player's head, a fellow soldier of hers decided to take over Hero's Duty for the time being.

Felix was much too tired to do anything other than what the player commanded. Luckily for him, it was a new player, so he took it slow. Every so often, the player would pause to avoid the falling bricks from Ralph's fists. On those pauses, Felix managed to take short and cautious swipes at his nose before starting to bounce about the penthouse again.

However, as the player got better at the game, those pauses were shorter and farther between. Inside the game, Felix began to feel his body overheat slightly. It was beginning to cause him to slow down and lag a bit with his jumps. And worse, he began to feel the same running tickle in his sinus. He wasn't able to rub it anymore at the pace he was moving, unfortunately allowing it to fill his nose.

"H-Hnnhh..." he struggled to breathe out of his nose to try and calm it. He felt a little bit better once he managed a fast swipe while hammering a window.

He hopped over to one window under the player's command, where Mary was waiting with his pie. She looked up to him worriedly and tried whispering to him.

"You feelin' better, Felix?" she asked.

"Y-hnn...Yeah, no worries. Thanks, Mary," he responded as he took the pie. He hesitated for a moment, not having any appetite to eat it but knowing he had to. "Nhh..." he groaned and grasped his stomach before quickly eating the pie whole, his hat illuminating with his power-up. As per the norm, Ralph sent down a series of bricks to hit him off the top of the head and bounce off. However, it didn't go unnoticed to Felix like usual. With each brick, his head ached that much more, and his pudgy nose jiggled, causing the tickle to build much worse. "H-Hehhh..." his upper lip quivered slightly, but he barely had any time to respond to it before he was sent spinning in his turbo repair mode. The mode caused his nose to give in and set off into a fit. "Heep-TchUU!! IhhUUU!! Ihh-ShhUUU!! SHUUU!!!"

His body bounded back after the second sneeze, then shifted to code for the last two. Calhoun spotted him hovering by the side of the building and quickly tried to reach out for him.

"Felix!!" she shouted as she watched him plummet to the mud where Ralph would wind up. The screen in front of the player went black and read 'Game Over', so Calhoun quickly jumped out from the window and landed by his side. She held his head up and looked to him for a moment, waiting for him to respawn. "Felix...come on...it's game over, you can come back..." Her heart began to race when he didn't budge. "Felix?! Felix!!"

It took hours, though to Calhoun, it felt like days. But slowly, Felix's eyes finally opened, groggily and red.

"N-Nhh...what happened?" he groaned, grabbing the side of his head. The sound of his voice sent a great relief into Calhoun's heart, though she had to restrain herself from hugging him tightly. She knelt down to him and smiled, placing a hand on his cheek.

"Y-You're alright!" she sighed before kissing him on his forehead, which was hot and damp with water left over from several damp rags. "You've been overheatin' for a while now...ya blacked out completely back there!"

It took Felix a moment to take everything in, then to realize just where he was. The room was dark and smaller than his apartment, and he was resting on something hard and cold. He finally noticed he was inside of Ralph's hut and on his stump, possibly under Ralph's request to keep him safe and away from the penthouse attendees. As his eyes adjusted more, he saw an orange glow through the one window. He recognized the shade of it being the Out of Order sign on the screen of his game. He sighed, his throat dry, and leaned back into the bed.

"Jiminy Jaminy..." he said, trying to clear his throat. "I...really got everyone worried, didn't I?"

Calhoun's eyes softened to him a bit and she placed a hand on his shoulder, when there was a knock on the small door. She looked over to it as it opened, letting Ralph in slowly.

"Hey..." he started, carrying a tray of soup and tea with him. "Is he..." he began to ask Calhoun before spotting Felix looking back at him. "Oh, what a relief...I thought you were a goner there!" He shut the door behind him, but not before Calhoun noticed a fellow soldier make his way up to the game on the trolley. She wanted to stay by Felix's side, but with Ralph there, she knew he would be alright for a moment. She stood up and started to make her way out.

"Keep an eye on him, Fisty, I shouldn't be long," she said before leaving. Ralph chuckled with a nod before looking back to his sick friend.

"Everyone went into a huge panic when I carried ya in here...good thing ol' Litwak ain't gonna have anyone look at it for a few days, so we ain't gettin' pulled," he placed the tray down onto the edge of the stump and sat on the floor next to him. "Mary made that for ya, thought it'd make ya feel better..."

Felix kept his gaze away as Ralph spoke, sniffling into his wrist with a groan. There was nothing he hated more than causing worry over himself.

"I'm sorry, brother..." he whined, feeling guilty. "I didn't want this to happen...I didn't even know it diihhh--" he brought a hand up quickly and hitched, his shoulders rising in preparation. "Ihh-HeeWW!!" his body bounded up in code once again. Ralph easily caught him and chuckled softly.

"Careful, now, ya almost burst through my wall!" he smirked, then looked more worried at the feel of his overheating body in his hands. "Sorry the place isn't as warm as yours...here, I'll take ya back up there," he said as he put Felix onto his shoulders, moving his hands to make sure he held onto his hair as they walked. He then grabbed the tray and began out of the hut, Felix too weak to put up a fight.

As he carried him to the penthouse, Calhoun started making her way back for them, a troubled look on her face. Felix looked over, sniffling a bit.

"What's wrong, darlin'?" he asked, rubbing beneath his nose.

"The virus...got another game unplugged..." she said in a somber tone.

"Aw, shoot..." Ralph gasped, his shoulders dropping a little, Felix scrambling to keep a hold on his hair. "Well, which game?"

Calhoun looked away with a sigh, then back to them with an apologetic look on her face.

"It...It was Mario..."

Both Felix and Ralph responded with stunned silence. Super Mario Bros. was the first game to get plugged in. It lasted longer than they had. And they had become amazing friends with everyone from that game. Mario, Bowser, Toad, Peach...

"Did...they get out? Are they at the GCS?" Ralph stammered to ask. Calhoun merely responded in silence and a shake of her head. Felix's body trembled in grief and a new fear.

"If...this virus got them...u-unplugged..." he panted with worry. "Th-Then...w-we could be next..."

"No, no, Litwak said we got a couple of days..." Ralph said, trying to reassure him while also very worried himself. "That's...what he said..."

"I'm gonna get us unplugged...I know it..." Felix gripped at his shirt above his heart, panic starting to set in. "I-I know it! I've felt like this for a while, and I'm gettin' worse! I-I doomed us all!"

"Ralph, duck."

Ralph glanced to Calhoun as Felix went on in his panic, then knelt down slightly, enough to be out of the way of Calhoun's swift palm across Felix's face.

"O-Ow!!" he groaned, grabbing his hammer and tapping his swollen eye before, "Hee-KchUU!!" he sneezed his body into code and off of Ralph's shoulders. Calhoun then grabbed him before he could reach the ground and held him to eye level.

"Ya ain't gettin' unplugged, understand?!" she shouted, trying to get through to him. "Listen, you're not alone here. I'm gonna help you, Ralph's gonna help you, your friends in the penthouse are already helpin' you...none of us are gonna let that happen to ya..." her words did get through, but the thought still worried Felix.

"I...caused ya so much trouble already..." he said, looking down.

"Felix...for once, please...you help everyone all the time," she said with sympathy. "Let us return the favor...all of us...please..."

"How about this, Felix," Ralph said with a light tone. "If ya don't take our help, then we are gettin' unplugged. And I know ya don't want that to happen, so stop bein' so darn stubborn and...let us fix you for once."

Calhoun smirked with Ralph at his attempt to convince Felix. She knew that, with the both of them going up against him for his own good, he would give in. With a small, congested sigh, he nodded, still unable to look at them.

"A-Alright...but I won't be askin' for much, I promise," he said, almost as if his health had to be made into a deal with them. Calhoun smiled wider and kissed his cheek, unable to resist at least one with how cute he had gotten.

"No trouble for us, Shortie," she said, carrying him easily to the penthouse with Ralph following her. "You're gonna be fine...we promise."

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I just

Girl, why you so good at this!?

SO IN CHARACTER. And Mary! Aughaa, her being Felix's mother figure is my new headcanon. A-And then him sneezing himself in the air and Calhoun and Ralph having to get him is just AUSHGHAA. AND RALPH PUTTING HIM ON HIS SHOULDERS I JUST

*deep inhale*

I just---this is the cutest thing ever. Nghhhh, you've gotta continue, broseph, or I'll cry from lack of Felix~~ ;u;

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[[[Heh~ I figured you'd like that part. I'm actually taking a quick break from writing this for now so I can draw a few pics based off of it ^^ I'll include the links to them in my next chapter's post :D]]]

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OMG! When I first saw wreck it Ralph, I got addicted too! Can you write another one after about Vanellope getting sick and can't control her glitches and Ralph taking care of her? Please?

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This is amazing!! It's so in character and well written! :D It's so so cute!! I'm so excited to see your drawings as well as the next update!! :D Thank you so much for writing this!!

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