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Lea Michele Has a Cold <3


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So I read the starlet's two (almost) most recent tweets and it turns out she's got a little cold! D'aww. :3

To start off:

"Time to get right into bed because I think I'm coming down with a little cold :( nooo!! Nothing some soup & reality tv won't cure though:)"


"Spent the day resting in bed yesterday.. Feeling better but still got a little cold:( More TV and more bed today!!"

I know she says it was just a little cold- but anything that forces Lea Michele to stay in bed for two days is more than some little cold. :3


I do feel bad that she was getting over a cold during Thanksgiving, though :( </3

And since she's in LOVE with Cory Monteith, we all know who she was snuggling with. :3 (but it wasn't Dianna :( but it was good enough)

And also just recently apparently Cory had some stomach problem, so I'm pretty sure they snuggled then too.


Yeah. She's got a cold. <3

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Ugh why didn't this show up on my Twitter feed? And to think I missed this gem!

I'll go a-hunting for the tweets and soak them up. Thanks for letting me know, this is kind of wonderful ;)

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